Wire 106: S03E09 – “Slapstick”

In this Wire 106 video discussion, Paul Bond and I were joined by David Mercer,  Maggie Stough and Melinda Albrycht to look at season 3, episode 9 of the The Wire: “Slapstick.” This episode is a comedy of tragic errors between the Barksdale crew breaking the Sunday truce, Carver tampering with a crime scene to save Hamsterdam, and Prez mistakenly shooting an undercover cop. We discuss these details and more. One of the things that struck me during this episode was why do religious groups get a pass in The Wire? So many institutions are interrogated, but the various religious organizations that come into focus now and again seem to be the closest thing to beneficent in the entire series. I guess that’s one to grow on. Enjoy this discussion.

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