Wire 106: Week 8 – Radio Days

Image credit: Sarah Kountz’s “Sing along with me — DS106 Radio”

This week will be dedicated almost entirely to working on and finishing the radio shows.  To this end…

Blogging Radio Show Progress
Each member of the group will be required to blog about their progress on the radio show before Wednesday, October 15th. This is to clarify what your role has been and what you have contributed thus far. Be specific, discuss what you have done in terms of the conception, planning, audio creation, and editing has been. Also, this is the space where you can highlight any issues or problems. Paul and I don’t want any surprises when in comes to the show—if there are concerns we want to hear them sooner rather than later.

Tag this post “radioblog” (no quotes).

Radio Group Call
Each group needs to set up a meeting with us sometime before Saturday, October 18th, so we can talk on Google Hangouts or Skype about the radio show project as a group. You need to organize a few times your group can make it, no more than three, and we will meet to discuss where you are, listen to some pieces of the show, and generally make sure your groups is working together and on track.

Wire Episodes
Season 3, Episodes 2, 3 & 4.

Video Discussions of Episodes
Wednesday 3:00 PM Episode 2
Thursday 8:00 PM Episode 3
Friday 3:00 PM Episode 4

Sign-up for the video discussions here.

Daily Creates
Just to keep you in the habit, do one daily create this week.

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