Wonder Woman Mashup

A week ago the new Wonder Woman movie trailer was released at Comic Con. I’m not sure if it’s going to be any good, and it’s not getting any easier to stomach the super hero movie slop they keep dishing out, but this is yet another one I won’t be able to resist. I’m a sucker for a magic lasso.

I discovered the trailer thanks to an old gold ds106 superstar Anna Rinko. I have written about her awesomeness before on this blog, and I always enjoy promoting her genius. She took ds106 when she was in 9th grade as a two-week summer class (something I affectionately termed the Breaskfast Club edition of ds106) and this year she became a Freshman at UMW. My only regret about leaving UMW is not getting to be part of the amazing things Anna will do (has done), a fact I was doubly jealous/bummed/excited about when hearing she’s now a Digital Knowledge Center tutor! She is truly a special person, and ever since her ds106 experience four years ago she took the art of creating trailer mashups quite seriously. She has made many mashups over the years, and you can see some of them here. She sends me short emails from time-to-time letting me know about her latest creations, and I erratically respond with “That’s awesome!” —which provides a pretty accurate insight to the quality of pedagogue I am.  But after watching her latest creation I was moved to write a post because she does such a brilliant, detailed job editing scenes featuring Linda Carter as Wonder Woman from the 1970s TV series to the soundtrack of the 2017 film’s trailer. It’s pretty awesome!

Knowing Anna is out there doing this work for all of us makes me feel good despite all the craziness right now. Just make some art, dammit!

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