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Vinylcast #45: The Alarm’s Eye of the Hurricane

Another #vinylcast on #ds106radio, making it two days in a row. This one was in honor of the fact we have gone into a 3 week lockdown, which… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #44: Desire’s Under Your Spell

I had fun doing a Sunday afternoon synthwave #vinylcast featuring Desire‘s Under Your Spell EP, which re-publishes songs from their 2009 album this transparent 2015 vinyl distributed by… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #43: Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust

Released in 1987 (1988 in the US) Midnight Oil‘s Diesel and Dust was one of my favorite of the 1980s. It opened up both a sonic and political… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #42: Cocteau Twins’ Heaven or Las Vegas

I finally returned to the #vinylcast, my favorite way to do #ds106radio. This was an impromptu show after listening to Alex Masters and Lauren Heywood doing their regular… Continue reading

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bavawave: Italians Do it Better

This is how it started… This is how good it felt afterwards… I jumped on the radio on a whim last night to try and do some groundwork… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #41: Van Halen II Side 2 in Honor of Eddie

I heard the news today, oh boy. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed tonight, and like most folks of a certain age he was a ubiquitous icon of the… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #40: New Order’s Peel Session (1981)

Another #vinylcast in the can, this one did not come easy, but it was fun. I played a bit with the green screen in OBS, multiple shots from… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #39: Man or Astro-Man?’s Experiment Zero

The idea was simple enough, broadcast a record over ds106radio and ds106tv. I mean I have been around this block before, but nothing comes easy when you are… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #38: Fontaines D.C.’s Dogrel

There as not one, but two vinylcasts of Fontaines D.C.’s awesome debut album Dogrel. Primarily because this was my first full blown attempt at x-casting to both #ds106radio… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #37: Side 1 of Van Halen II

This is actually half a #vinylcast given I was trying out the new overhead camera setup, which is pretty slick. I already blogged about this setup on bavatuesdays… Continue reading

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