An American Arcade in Italy: Arcade Story

There is something that loves a wall of 1980s arcade games at Arcade Story

What is it Madonna famously said in the 1980s? Something like “Italians Do it Better”? Well, after visiting Antonio Nati’s Arcade Story just outside of Vicenza, Italy I might have an idea of what she was talking about. Antonio is one of those passionate people it’s hard not to become instantly a fan of, and the fact his passion just happens to be bringing 1980s US-style arcade games to Italy makes me even a bigger one. I discovered Antonio over a year or two ago when Knapp’s Arcade shared a post on Facebook about a pop-up arcade in Trentino.* Turns out Antonio’s mission is to bring the American arcade bar/restaurant mania to Italy with all the original furnishings.

Marquees on the wall at Arcade Story

This discovery coincides nicely with my settling in Italy for the foreseeable future and also purchasing my first game for the Italian arcade, the great Cheyenne, from Roberto in Torino. It became quickly apparent I was getting a different kind of virus, the Italian variant of arcade mania. Reclaim Arcade‘s early success has made me even more bully on exploring arcade options in Trento (even if it’s a private collection for now), so I decided to track down Antonio and find out what I could about customs, local laws, and more importantly start fostering connections. What I learned quickly in the US when building Reclaim Arcade with Tim was that the community around this hobby is crucial, and Antonio is a lynchpin over here in that regard (he has got near-on 40,000 fans/followers on Facebook cheering him along on the regular). Earlier this week I found his website and learned he had one of the games on my must-have list that I haven’t been able to score in the US: Scramble.

Scramble safe and sound in the foyer of the bavamansion!

So I bought it, dear reader, and as soon as the restrictions were lifted I went to pickup the game as an excuse to get an in-person experience of the warehouse where Antonio stores his games. I got a preview of it in the following video, but it seemed almost too good to be true—turns out it was even better than that.

My friend Andrea and I made the trip, and I spent the afternoon saying “Wow!” or “Amazing!” or “Awesome!” or “You have that game?!” etc. It was like walking into Nunley’s Amusements in Baldwin, Long Island circa 1980 and seeing Galaxian for the first time. Magic!

First time I played Mad Planets was in Italy, and now I need one

One of the games there that I heard a lot about but never played before was Mad Planets, and I have to say that is now on the must-have list. Amazing game play and super compelling controls, the other unique ones I played were Atari’s Quantum and Baby Pac-man‘s hybrid pinball/video game.

At least 1 of the 500 Atari Quantum arcade games ever made lives in Italia

The hybrid pinball/videogame that is baby Pac-Man, that was a trip to play

I even played some OG Pac-man and was doing pretty well, but had to abandon it given Antonio was ready and willing to do a live broadcast of the visit he titled “Americans at the Arcade Story.”

Unfortunately I was the poveraccio stand-in for all Americans in this video, but Italians will take what they can get during a pandemic I guess 🙂 I enjoyed chatting with Antonio, and I tried to speak in Italian as much as possible. I’m somewhat understandable for Italians, and Antonella told me after watching it that if I would just conjugate a verb once in a while I’d be cooking with gas. Nonetheless, my enthusiasm for what Antonio and his team have built will hopefully help folks forgive (or at least ignore) my broken Italian. The video covers a lot of ground, but some highlights for me were the following:

Multi-PCB Chiller that plays Cheyenne, Crossbow, Chiller, and more

Hearing about someone in the US (possibly from Maine) who created a multi-game ROM extension for an Exidy Cheyenne PCB that allows you to play 8 Exidy games, including Cheyenne, Chiller, and Crossbow to name a few classic Exidy titles. Antonio showed me his Chiller cabinet with this modified PCB and it was just one of really cool things Antonio has been part of. I mean he is all in, and I love folks who are committed!

Final Fight converted to a 3-player game using a Street Fighter II PCB/ROM mod

A good example of this was the fact Andrea and Antonio had just finished a 3-player Final Fight game, a modification dreamed up and shared by Grego and Rotwang on the web. Pretty cool stuff, and Arcade Story are the only ones in the world who have this game on a cabinet that is not emulated, but using an original card. I love it cause it’s not a mausoleum for these old games, but rather a place that is actively breathing new life into them viz-a-viz a vibrant online community of hackers and modders who want to build on this rich tradition of video gaming in pretty fascinating ways.

Asterock is an Asteroids bootleg made by Sidam in Italy that was eventually sued by Atari

Another highlight was seeing Asterock, an Asteroids bootleg made by Italian game maker Sidam. It’s a straight-up rip-off of Asteroids, and Atari eventually sued the company for copyright infringement. One of the things I dug about this game was the way the controls are sunk and inverted into the control panel. It’s  an interesting design, and I really wanted to test them out to see how they play, maybe next time.

Asterock (an Italian Asteroids bootleg) has a wild inverted, sunken control panel for the various buttons, pretty wild

Sidam also worked with Atari to distribute Cinematronics laser disc games such as Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace in Italy. Antonio had quite a few of these cabinets (he said he has over 400 cabinets in total, and I believe it) and I was struck by one particular cabinet that had two monitors. One for the player, and another for the rest of the arcade to watch them play. It points to old school arcade gameplay as a kind of spectator sport since the 1980s, and also highlights the fact like games like Dragon’s Lair were in many ways more art than actual good gameplay. Turns out watching Dirk die in a 1000 creative, animated ways was compelling content.

A Sidam distributed Dragon’s Lair with two monitors, one for the player and another up-high for the spectators

And that’s just some of the highlights, to try and list them all would mean this post would never be finished. But, long story short, the Arcade Story rules and the sooner these games get out of the warehouse and into an arcade near you and me the better for everyone

Also, while speaking of collections and arcades, I now have an arcade of two games here in Italy thanks to Antonio selling me Scramble. What’s more, there are now quite a few more back in Virginia waiting to be shipped. In fact, while I was visiting Arcade Story there was a delivery back in Fredericksburg of a Galaxian and Defender I secured to make the long journey back to Italia.

Defender arrived yesterday, making that yet another fine addition to the bavacade in Italy 🙂

Galaxian brought some real color to the collection, one of the first games for the Reclaim Arcade and bavacade collections

I think at this point the bavacade Italia is approaching 10 titles if we include these two (Defender and Galaxian), the Pac-Man and Joust I bought a few weeks back, the Cheyenne and Scramble already at the house, one of the two Gyruss cabinets at Reclaim Arcade, the Pleiades cocktail still on Long Island, and possibly the Pengo and World of Wor I bought at Xmas time (or a similar combo of games). I’ll have to figure out details with Tim given Reclaim Arcade takes precedence, but the personal collection is coming up on double digits already! And now that there are 400+ cabinets sitting in the Arcade Story warehouse just an hour and a half away, things just got very dangerous here!


*Hat tip to Tim for sharing this with me a while back and then re-finding it more recently when I couldn’t for the life of me. I think his pay dirt search term was for my comment “f**king Italians!” 🙂

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Archiving Video on Twitter with PeerTube

I am digging that PeerTube is increasingly becoming part of my daily workflow on the web. I have re-committed to bookmarking links, but archiving videos has always been a challenge. When folks throw a video my way via Twitter, email, etc., my first impulse is to save it, but even if and when I do it quickly gets lost in the clutter of my local computer. PeerTube gives me a clean space to copy and quickly re-use those videos, and thanks to the magic that is the youtube-dl code it essentially can copy any video from just about any link. Take for example, the video in the Tweet above that was uploaded locally to Twitter. I now have it on my PeerTube install with a simple copy and paste of the Twitter link:

I love the idea of having an eclectic, personalized YouTube. It not only let’s me archive videos like the one of the Heavy Metal Picnic Grant Potter linked me to yesterday…

…but it also provides me a space to upload some of the VHS archiving I have been doing over the last year. In particular, the VHS copy of Kate Bush’s The Hair of the Hound (1986) which I just archived yesterday:

Playing with it has given me an idea for another project I dreamt up last year. I’ll have to experiment with that, but I imagine the less I say about this project the better for what may already be obvious reasons.

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Reclaim Video Hauling, Episode 1

Tim and I finally started our VHS hauling video series that was planned out back in January, but never got off the ground. It’s understandable given we have been quite occupied with opening Reclaim Arcade and trying to keep up with Reclaim Hosting, which has been busier than ever.

But we did find an opening this week to go through the first of three boxes filled with VHS tapes (a very 1980s care package) that Dan Kinem has been sending our way monthly. Dan directed a documentary film about VHS collectors back in 2013 titled Adjust Your Tracking, and I had the good fortune of meeting him at the VHStival in Raleigh, North Carolina a couple of years ago. He is quite the collector himself and I bought a bunch from him at the festival. He mentioned he had far more at his home, but given my splitting time between the US and  Italy,—as well as a global pandemic—getting up to Northern Pennsylvania has been tricky to say the least. So on a lark I asked if he might be interested in sending me tapes via mail once a month, and I would then unbox them live and have fun seeing what craziness he sent along. Well, that dream has finally come to pass and Tim, as has proven the case for more 10+ years, proved to be an awesome collaborator (and boy do I have camera envy).

Anyway, at the top is the hauling video and below is a full list of the videos received, stay tuned for episode 2 coming soon 🙂

  1. Planet of Dinosaurs (1977)
  2. Delta Force 2 (1990)
  3. Gremlins (1984)
  4. The Stone Killer (1973)
  5. Dressed to Kill (1980)
  6. Moonlighting TV pilot? (1985)
  7. Big Bad Mamma II (1987)
  8. The Mummy’s Curse (1944)
  9. The Red Headed Stranger (1986)
  10. The Invisible Ray (1936)
  11. First Works (Oliver Stone, Spike Lee, Roger Corman…)
  12. Lord of Illusions (1995)
  13. Danger in the Depths
  14. A Generation (1955)
  15. The Swimmer (1964)
  16. Turkish Delight (1973)
  17. Frankenstein (1931)
  18. Shaka Zulu (1986) TV Series?
  19. Solo (1996)
  20. Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978)
  21. The Lost Boys (1987)
  22. Wrestle Mania: The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (1991)
  23. A Ticket To Die 
  24. Dark Wolf (2003)
  25. Horror Express (1972)
  26. Code of Silence (1985)
  27. In the Realm of the Senses (1976)
  28. Vertigo (1958)
  29. Red Show Diaries 4: Auto Erotica (1993)
  30. Serpent and the Rainbow (1987)
  31. King Kong (1933)
  32. The Stranger (2000)
  33. Spellbound (1945)
  34. Nowhere to Hide (1993)
  35. This is Spinal Tap (1984)
  36. Help! (1965)
  37. Iron Eagle II (1988)
  38. The Forsaken (2001)
  39. Blood Sport III (1997)
  40. Python (2000)
  41. A Murder of Crows (1998)
  42. Spirit of the Eagle (199)
  43. Voodoo Dawn (1991)
  44. Phar Lap (1983)
  45. The Land Unknown (1957)
  46. Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)
  47. Scarred City (1998)
  48. Nancy Drew: The Mystery of Ghostwriter’s Cruise (1976)
  49. Slam Dance (1987)
  50. A Matter of Principle
  51. Psycho III (1987)
  52. Redemption: Kickboxer 5 (1995)
  53. Supercarrier (1988) TV series
  54. Blue (1968)
  55. Wyatt Earp (1994)
  56. Based on an Untrue Story (1993)
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The Art of OERxDomains21

I am realizing I have not blogged that much about OERxDomains21, and given we now have less than a month to conference time, it is high time to change that. We have a lot of awesome things in the works, and with a preliminary draft of the conference program live, you can get a sense for yourself just how sick it is going to be.

Its exciting to see how many folks are joining us for this event, OER has become my favorite event over the last several years because of all the awesome people, and once again they’ve shown up ready to bring their A-game. YEAH! 

And there is a special feeling of excitement when folks like Eamon Costello want to have fun with the aesthetic we’re exploring. That is what it is all about,  and it will surprise no one to hear Bryan Mathers is behind those awesome OERxDomains21 animations you may have come across when seeing news about the conference. But if you haven’t seen them, well you are in for a treat, here are a few, the first highlighting the 80s neon aesthetic that Eamon references with the awesome Drive reference in his tweet. Synthwave, baby!

And there are also the test cards that are in many ways the defining aesthetic of the conference.

And finally we have my favorite, the Videodrome-inspired outtro wherein the viewer is consumer by the TV:

In fact, we had a rough idea the conference aesthetic could be framed around the retro TV idea when we approached Bryan to chat, but as usual he takes your ideas and not only fleshes them out but elevates them to the next level. The TV made sense given we knew this year would be online and video-based, and we want to give people a sense they could tune-in and out. And we knew we would have several tracks, so using the metaphor of channels was enticing (but more on that later on). In fact, we wanted to pre-record the Domains21 track entirely so we could free-up technical attention for the the two live OER tracks. It was a practical decision to balance workload and potential issues with live streaming—always having a pre-recorded channel to fall back to if there are issues is comforting. But an unexpected treat that came out of this thinking were the resulting animated intros and outtros for the Domains21 pre-recorded videos that are now awesome animated Twitter promos for the conference that gives folks a pretty powerful sense of what’s to come, as Eamon Costello demonstrated brilliantly. I’ve been using these intros and outtros during the production of the 25+ pre-recordings I am working through in Streamyard in an effort to make sure there is as little post-production work for these sessions as possible.

And the TV and all its surrounding artifacts have become fodder for a really cool metaphor. As the Open Community Production subtitle suggests, we wanted to play with the idea of public access TV, this is also present with the person be sucked into the TV outtro 🙂 But more generally, we wanted to try and capture a sense of a moment when there were just a few channels to choose and we all shared a limited sense of time and place within the glow of the CRT. The tracks become channels on a TV allowing folks to switch seamlessly between the various sessions, it is channel surfing in 1980!

Around the same time we starting considering where the TV would live and how the page would load. This led to discussions around ensuring the site doesn’t crash—that would not be a great look for Reclaim Hosting. I mean this vendor is putting it on the line!  The current OER conference site is running on WordPress, which is right up our alley, but Tim and I liked what the folks behind the Against Surveillance teach-in did with their website, they kept it a simple HTML page with the YouTube video embedded. If your page only has  HTML code and decent caching you can altogether avoid most load and database bottlenecks. If we couple that with seamless scaling on Reclaim Cloud we should be all set.

But once the idea of a straight-up HTML page was considered, we then got to thinking this would be a good use-case for some headless action. In other words, allow folks to add and edit speaker and presentation info using a WordPress backend, then pull the data out of using the WordPress APIs and pull it into a HTML/CSS/Javascript site with the video player. All the data will be entered before the conference, and any on-the-fly changes can be done in a way to minimize load and only pull when there are resources. this would ensure both the program and video player page can load reliably no matter what the traffic is (not to mention we can always point folks back to YouTube links should there be any issues). That’s great, but we had this idea with just 6 weeks until showtime, who you gonna call?  The A-Team! 

Click to see it in action

It helps to have a deep community, and immediately we thought of Tom Woodward to get the WordPress types pulling cleanly to a JSON file that Michael Branson Smith could use to build out the player and add the data with his mad HTML/CSS/JS skills. So good, and as we got to talking through the possibilities idea of creating the program/schedule as a TV Guide came up and it felt immediately like the front and backend of the conference platform was sealed. Artists on all sides!

The beginnings of a TV Guide program

The program is a work-in-progress, and we still have to do some testing and make sure all bases are covered, but I have to say watching this come together so quickly with so many folks I deeply respect has been a highlight of the process, the other highlight has been recording the awesome folks who will populate the Domains21 channel! If you look at the image above with the Player One and Player Two buttons try to imagine each of those buttons as a Conference sessions within a broader schedule page designed like a TV Guide. So, when you click on a session at the proper time you are taken to that channel of the TV. If you click on it before the time, we are figuring out if it should take you to the current session playing on that channel, which I think would be fun cause it allows for serendipity. These are things we still need to work out—but so far it seems pretty doable. And, returning to the Against Surveillance site, one of the elegant bits we love is how the video is immediately archived with a nice thumbnail with all the relevant data, which then lives on as an archive in perpetuity—however long that is. We will be able to do that for all 100+ sessions almost immediately with no extra work, which is insane. So the TV Guide/Program will live on as an archive of the conference moving forward, which I totally love. And thanks to the youtube-dl code we can ensure all the video and metadata are backed-up elsewhere in case YouTube gets cute, never trust our digital overlords!

I do need to blog a lot more about using StreamYard, but Tim, Lauren, and I spent close to an hour testing out all the possibilities and it really allows us to do everything we need—which is both awesome and a relief. I’ll try to blog that in more detail soon given if I don’t it will fade away into the rush of running the conference. What’s more, if everything works out I would love to have a post-conference chat with MBS and Tom Woodward about building the headless site because I really dig it, and it reinforces my belief that working from an aesthetic in many ways gives you the metaphors you need to get creative with the delivery, let the artists lead the way! But until then, go get registered for the TV event of the year 🙂

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Reclaim Arcade: If Only You Could See What I’ve Seen with Your Eyes

Eyes are the neon shutters to the soul of Reclaim Arcade…

Image of Reclaim Arcade neon sign

The shot!
Tim Stahmer’s “Reclaim in Neon” -click image to see original on Flickr

Last weekend Tim Stahmer and Kathy Manley stopped by Reclaim Arcade with cameras in hand. Tim has been a big fan of the arcade, and I am thrilled he finally made it down. By pure happenstance I happened to check-in at the arcade the morning he arrived, and it was fun to do a short tour with him via robot from Italy.

robot in the arcade

Tim Stahmer’s “Our Co-Host” click image for link to original on Flickr

Tim’s photos are up at his Flickr account, and I have already tweeted about how much I love the:

But seeing both his and Kathy’s photos reminded me how special it is to see your vision refracted through the lens of someone else’s eyes, and the fact it becomes almost something else to you in some bizarrely beautiful transmogrification of experience. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s like I am seeing it all anew in a way that is truly special, so thanks to them both.

Detail of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy pinball

Detail from our newest pinball Guardians of the Galaxy
Tim Stahmer’s “I am Groot” -click image to be brought to original on Flickr

I really loved see the space reflected back to me in ways I just never saw it, particularly the detail of Groot from our newest pinball, Guardians of the Galaxy,” that I have only seen via Robot.

family playing Rally X cocktail game

Rally-X is a Family Affair
Tim Stahmer’s “Table Game” – click image to see original on Flickr

I have said it before, but the side art and lit marquees from these games, not to mention the attraction screen, are all the furniture you’d ever need. They are so beautiful, and see the detail from photos like the family at the Rally-X cocktail highlights that for me, such as the Heist pinball side art, and the Donkey Kong in the background, not to mention the lit coin slots on the Kangaroo way off to the back. It is all so gorgeous. But more than anything it is the glow of the CRT on the players that highlights that shared object of desire that brings folks together. If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes…

side art of Congo Bongo video game cabinet

Details from the glorious side art of Congo Bongo
Tim Stahmer’s “Congo Bongo” – click image to see original on Flickr

Detail of Rockem Sockem Robots

Rockin ’em and sockin ’em up close and personal
Tim Stahmer’s “Rockem Sockem Robots” -click image for original on Flickr

Reflection of arcade machines

Nintendo Row in Relief
Tim Stahmer’s “Arcade Reflection”

Kathy’s photos are amazing, and you can see them all here:

I wanted to avoid reproducing anything without permissions, so I am linking to a few gems here:

And there are so many more, I am gonna have to reach out to both Tim and Kathy to see if we can get some of this amazing shots on our Google, Yelp, or Trip Advisor profile, we need your eyes!

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Memoirs to Kidhood with Songs Along the Way

Tracking Time on #ds106radio – Memoirs & Kidhood

I woke up at 3 AM this morning and had no hopes of returning to bed, and so I jumped on ds106radio for a 3 hour and 15 minute show that truly tracked time. It started as a 8-12 songs with some brief interludes of chat, but then slowly gave over to self-indulgent reflections on my formative years and finally was salvaged by re-airing three segments of of GNA Garcia‘s awesome Kidhood show which, as Giulia Forsythe noted, originally broadcast 10 years ago on this self-same station.

I figured there was no better tribute to tracking time on this little radio station than to dig into the archive and pull out a gem. And the fact that GNA and so many other folks tuned in who have been part of this community for a decade was special. It was a good morning on the radio!

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In the park with a dog throwing a bone live on #ds106radio during a pandemic

Live broadcast from a park while walking my dog during a pandemic in Italy on #ds106radio

The title pretty much says it all, the few minor details I would add is that I could also record and add metadata to the stream from my phone while also mixing in music. Pretty amazing, really. In fact, I did this using the iPhone app iziCast which I was turned onto a year ago when the pandemic started to hit hard here in Italy and #ds106radio became a haven for many of us. I did a few live casts from the vineyard, but I never really played with any of the settings. But today I brought my AirPods (something I seldom do) and was listening to music, and then I thought I wonder if iziCast will let me stream what I am listening to. Turns out it does, but it just can’t be through Apple Music or Spotify but rather playlists and songs you have locally, and luckily I had quite a few.

So I tried broadcasting a mix of 80s song a friend put together for Anto’s birthday and it worked. What’s more, iziCast let me mix in my audio with the musci, which was slick. The one thing I needed to do in the settings is enable Bluetooth for the AirPods and change the CODEC from AAC to MP3, and it worked perfectly. The sample rate was 16000 and the bit rate 64. I was pretty impressed how easy it was.

Turns out I did have one listener in Chahira, the only one that matters! She =could hear me, and while the audio wasn’t perfect, I think the general experiment was a success. About 30 minutes in I am chasing Duke down to a stream where he was going to drink and I was afraid he lost the new Kong bone I bought him, it is a bit comical, and I dug the broadcast if only for that snippet of reality that only a impromptu, in the wild broadcast can.

It was a lot of fun, which can be more generalized to my experience of #ds106radio these days. Between the radio and dreams of the arcade, I am finding it easy to fill my days with fun ?

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Vinylcast #47: Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast

#vinylcast on #ds106radio: Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast
Another day, another #vinylcast on bavaradio! It’s been a good week for me on #ds106radio with 3 #vinylcasts and a few impromptu broadcasts spurred on by the fact that the radio has been en fuego after more than a year of lockdown, which is really something. I was feeling so pumped up that I decided to pull out some Heavy Metal to rock the airwaves, and few 80s albums measure up to the Satanic verses of Iron Maiden‘s Number of the Beast!
I did my usual spiel of playing the record and then doing on-the-fly “research” on Wikipedia and winging the rest. I am having fun, and I may have even had a listener or two, which is a treat. Paul Bond even came prepared with his Eddie mask. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: when #ds106radio is popping it is a particular kind of joy few things can match in this crazy world.
It was also nice to have JR Dingwall along for the ride, love it when unexpected listeners pop-up and say hi. He was a Maiden fan as well, and even linked to this amazing Iron Maiden animated album cover:
And of course the back cover detail with the Hieronymus Bosch-inspired art was a must for the Twitters, as was the record sleeve with photoshoots of the band members. The second side of this album really is a doozy, and the guitar on Hallowed be Thy Name is ridiculous, big fan!
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Known Issues with the Web Garden

I was looking through the UMW Living Room Console site while writing about the new posters for Reclaim Arcade. While doing so I came across a few broken links in the inventory, to my chagrin. Links such as this one  (which is not broken anymore) were pointing back to my Known instance that I ran for 4 years or so and then archived as HTML with site sucker.

Turns out all my images from Known were broken, and I think that has something to do with how Known writes those images (but will look into that in more detail this weekend). In the meantime I wanted to resurrect those images and luckily I kept an archive of my files and database, so I set that back up and everything was loading again. And that’s the story of how I temporarily fended off some link rot in my small corner of the web. Felt like the battle at Helm’s Deep.

The living room has loomed large in my mind these days with the opening of Reclaim Arcade, so making sure these images were available was important to me. But it was also interesting because while I was doing this Olia Lialina‘s article “From My to Me” has been resonating deeper and deeper. As Downes already notes, it is a great article and comes highly recommended, in fact my next post will be a deeper dive on the article given I even have a small cameo, but read it regardless of that oversight on her part 🙂 One thing she discusses is the harm the appification of the web has done to a broader sense of exploration, creativity, and wonder on the web, which is a sentiment I was discussing with Boone Gorges a couple of weeks ago when recording his session for Domains21. In fact, I am feeling a broader sense of ennui and general dissatisfaction with the mainstream web we have right now, it’s a real theme throughout the Domains21 recordings, which made me think Lialina’s article may be a kind of call to action:

Your resistance should not simply be a return to a Web 1.0 that never was in the spirit of “netstalgia,” but rather thinking creatively about what a return from me to my might look like when it comes to the spaces we inhabit on the web. For example, I would offer up Michael Branson Smith’s ridiculous beautiful HTML/CSS-based animated movie posters as a creative liberation of the form.

This in turn made me think about Lialina’s comment about WordPress being a horrible development for the state of the link on the web, which is something I have to follow-up on, but seeing that Known does not even link to image files which in turn broke the Living Room Console inventory gave me a sense of the legacy of broken links and dreams many of these apps hath wrought. I won’t go as far as to say it never should have happened, but with WordPress killing the classic editor by the end of this year I am looking to test my long-standing statement that the beautiful thing about my data in WordPress is it is portable, where can I put all the content in the should I finally decide to test out my own claim before year’s end?

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Vinylcast #46: Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love

With this #vinylcast I started to feel a bit more in #ds106radio shape. It helps that you have an album as amazing as Kate Bush‘s Hounds of Love to stream and chat about, but more than that to still regularly hear people on ds106radio a year on in the pandemic is inspiring. I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but this small little station has been chugging along picking up new DJs all the while and living up to its spirit of sharing in the name of joy. My tweets below tell the tale of the tape, and thanks Alex Masters for throwing some welcome support and banter along the way #4life!

ds106radio: Kate Bush’s The Hounds of Love #vinylcast

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