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  • 2019
    • Look Mom, No Support! You may have to click on the above image for the full effect, but I just wanted to take a moment to recognize that I’m officially off the 8 AM to 10 PM (Eastern US Time) support schedule. I still … Continue reading
    • IST 402: Emerging Technologies I had this as part of my previous post about HAX, but it was getting unruly, so I am exercising my rarely used editorial authority to make this its own post. In addition to all the HAX work, Bryan Ollendyke … Continue reading
    • HAX the Web @HaxCamp We're sitting at 59 for Oct 7th / 8th!! 16 spots for our FREE East Coast #webcomponents camp named at Duke University Thanks to @DukeLearning @redhat @ReclaimHosting & @getWaxam for sponsoring our days!Sign up now to win this & … Continue reading
  • 2014
  • 2013
    • Dirty Snow Hardboiled More than six months ago I finished reading Georges Simenon‘s novel Dirty Snow. It still haunts me regularly. There’s only one other book that I’ve read over the last decade that has had the same, harrowing effect on me: Cormac … Continue reading
    • 12 I’m a bit late for yesterday’s Daily Create, but when I saw the assignment was based around the theme of 12 I couldn’t resist. I have a long love affair with the number 12, I was born on the 12th … Continue reading
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    • It’s a girl … Living proof that bavatuesdays doesn’t just wax poetic about WordPress. As Rutger Hauer says in Blade Runner: “We’re not robots, Sebastian -we’re physical!”

This page uses Alan’s wp-posted-today: WordPress plugin provides shortcode for displaying posts published on current day. Like John Johnston before me, I find it fascinating to see what I posted when over the long tenure of this blog. And again, like John, “it also allows me to do some digital gardening, mending broken images and links as I wander through my past.”