400 Blows

I did the above GIF on the fly while showing the Breakfast Club edition of ds106 how to make animated GIFs using MPEG Streamclip and Photoshop. Today was a thoroughly enjoyable class—and the students seemed to have a blast and did some fun stuff themselves. Many of them are already done with there 10 visual stars, a couple did closer to 20! What’s more, we are on our way to the design assignments, and after spending the last hour of today’s class talking about the design assignments, I know it’s gonna be a ball. I love ds106 design!

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  1. Awesome. Where is their work going? I’m hoping to add the functionality soon to the Assignments to attach an example just by URL, for people who may just do a few (so we do not have to syndicate blogs).

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  3. Reverend says:


    They are doing them on UMW Blogs or Blogger and their work is syndicating into ds106.us, at least those students who made their work open and public. I tagged the open and public ones on ds106.us as umwsep12, you can see their work here: http://ds106.us/tag/umwsep12.

    After teaching this lot I can assure you we are way too easy on the UMW students, they are spoiled!

  4. The first François Truffaut animated GIF I’ve seen. Love, love 400 Blows. Those John Hughes indoctrinates are lucky to have you.

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