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OER19 Therapy

You can also watch it on Podbeam here, I will switch to the Youtube link when it is uploaded there given their embed feature is cleaner. As I mentioned in my last post, Lauren Brumfield, Meredith Fierro, and I sat … Continue reading

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Notes from OER19

Meredith, Lauren, and I will be talking about OER19 on Reclaim Today this afternoon, so I am going to jot down a few quick points I hope to touch on during the discussion. This list will double as a quick … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video: Incubating the Future of VHS

This morning Tim gave me a tour of all the work he has been doing to automate Reclaim Video over the last week or so—it is pretty impressive. The first 15 minutes of the  discussion is of my face given … Continue reading

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Hey McFly, Register for Domains19!

I spoke with Martin Hawksey about his talk at Domains19 a few weeks back, and I got even more excited than I was already—which is saying something. And now you can a small glimpse as to why, namely the McFlyify … Continue reading

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Reclaim the Robot

Well, if nothing else it should be clear by this point that Tim Owens and I do not play around—we are all business! Case in point, two years ago in this article in the Free Lance-Star we noted that at … Continue reading

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Domain Dolphins at Coventry

I have been a big fan of the work happening with Domain of One’s Own at Coventry University. The work Daniel Villar-Onrubio, Lauren Heywood, and the recently departed Charlie Legge have done to build that program from the ground up … Continue reading

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Wake-up! The Domains19 Schedule is Out

We have finalized the schedule for both day 1 and day 2 of Domains19, and you can see them both online here. It’s quite a line-up, and as Lauren has already announced, we are thrilled to add our fourth and … Continue reading

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Why Sponsor those #OER19 Hippies?

As part of Reclaim Hosting’s sponsorship of OER19 we get a post. And given Alan Levine is giving me shit about my recent blog numbers — can you believe the nerve of that guy?— if nothing else I figure this … Continue reading

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Reclaim’s Slow and Steady Ascent

View this post on Instagram Today @woolpine and I hiked Over 11 miles and ascended roughly 4000 feet (or 1300 meters) and it was no joke. It’s the official start of our training for the Alta Via in the Dolemite … Continue reading

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Star Rider (1983)

Tim unveiled his plans to restore a sourced Smash TV cabinet on the Reclaim Arcade blog earlier today, and he made the surprising point that Smash TV is our third fourth Williams cabinet after Defender, Joust, and Make Trax. That … Continue reading

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