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Dig Dug on Wheels!

Like the Venture post before it, most of this was originally published as part of the bavacade repair log from February 9, 2023.  But in service of searchability and documenting these cabinet overhauls more individually, I’m breaking this out into … Continue reading

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Venture is up and running!

This post is a bit of a cheat because I originally posted most of the following text as part of the bavacade repair log from February 9, 2023.  That noted, I want to break it out as its own post … Continue reading

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It’s Father’s Day, and I want my cake!

In Italy Father’s Day is recognized on St.Joseph’s saint day, which is today. And I have to say given Joseph’s role in Jesus’s birth, there’s a strange subtext to the day here 🙂 Anyway, I spend much of both the … Continue reading

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So Your iPhone was Stolen in Milan

This statue in front of the Milan stock exchange is the last photo taken before my phone was stolen 10 minutes later—foreshadowing? It all happened pretty fast. Antonella and I were eating ice cream in a gelatteria not far from … Continue reading

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All Roads Lead Back to the Blog

Well, the only good thing about being away from the for more than a month is the tried and true joy of blogging about not blogging. Or blogging about the will to blog. Or blogging about how no one … Continue reading

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Who am I Here?

It’s been a while since I emerged from the bavacrypt. No work travel for me since May of 2022, and I won’t lie, I was getting into a groove at home with the nest full again and my blood levels … Continue reading

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bavacade work log 2-9-2023

It’s been busy in the bavacade the last several weeks as I prepared for a trip back to the US of A. I’ve been racing against the clock to figure out what I need to bring back for the various … Continue reading

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bavacade’s Bitkit2 in Pac-man

Yesterday I started playing around with a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board I bought a couple of months back called BitKit2. What is FPGA? It’s a circuit board technology that has been around since the 80s that is pre-assembled and … Continue reading

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This Mastodon Will Explode, Session 1

Yesterday Maren Deepwell, Kerry Pinny, Taylor Jadin and I ran the first of three sessions introducing Mission Mastodon. “What is that?” you wisely ask. Well, it’s a collaboration between  ALT and Reclaim Edtech to provide a temporary server for folks … Continue reading

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Hacking the Pioneer DVL-909 for Multi-Region

This is one of those posts that documents something I’ll forget as soon as it’s done. I’ve already written about fixing the power supply and skipping discs on my Pioneer DVL-909 combination Laserdisc/DVD player, both fixes allow me to enjoy … Continue reading

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