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Gyruss and Robotron in the Reclaim Cloud

There is some stream-crossing going on in the Reclaim universes as our most recent shared hosting servers were named after 1980s arcade cabinets. That should keep the server naming fun for a little while, although this switch also serves a … Continue reading

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Phoenix Bug or Easter Egg?

Last night I had a moment, and it was awesome! 227,455 – turns out the Phoenix Easter egg wherein you shoot four or five ascending birds to get 200k points + a free guy is true! #yeah! — Jim … Continue reading

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Reclaim Hosting and the Space of Possibility

Reclaim Hosting’s mission to make technology accessible for educational institutions recently expanded to cloud services. — (@Hosting_Advice) October 6, 2021 About a week ago Hosting Advice published an article featuring Reclaim Hosting. It was pretty cool given it … Continue reading

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It seems like just yesterday I was blabbing about turning 48, but so it goes in blog years. I’ve used this space to track time over the last 16 years or so, and it truly does feel like my site … Continue reading

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Catching Up with the Joy of ds106

It’s been a while since I posted about this semester’s Bob Ross-inspired instantiation of ds106, but, like Luther, I’ve been busy! Looks like the last weekly video I posted was over a month ago for week 3, so below are … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade: Cap Kit for a K4900

Last week Tim and I did some Reclaim Arcade repairs, this time replacing the capacitors (often referred to as a cap kit) for the monitor chassis of a Wells Gardner K4900. I wanted to see Tim do a full cap … Continue reading

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Peertube’s Live Streaming Option

I have been working on a side project that will be using Peertube and as a result realized after installing the latest version that this awesome open source software now includes live streaming. I’ve been playing around a bit with … Continue reading

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Phoenix Freeplay and Scramble High Score Save Kit

This week I mustered up the courage to try replacing chips on game boards and soldering sockets. This was fairly new territory for me, but I’ve been watching Tim work (as well as many Youtube videos) and taking notes, so … Continue reading

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The Sisyphean Labor of Link Love

I woke up this morning to a Twitter exchange between Alan Levine and Ken Bauer about creating a plugin that points dead links on a blog to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine: I might need a WordPress plugin than converts … Continue reading

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Installing Owncast on Reclaim Cloud

I am starting to turn my streaming, recording setup to good use, like demonstrating how to get the open source, self-hosted Owncast up and running in Reclaim Cloud. Below is the text guide to accompany the video. Once you login … Continue reading

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