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Swapping Matsushita Chassis on Millipede (and a few more bavacade updates)

The big win for the bavacade this week was swapping out the existing Matsushita 19″ chassis in Millipede with a like-new replacement I got from Mike of East Coast Arcade Repair while in Virginia recently. It was kind of a … Continue reading

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Mastodon Costs

I started running both and Mastodon instances back in November 2022. The ds106 server has about 40 active users, whereas the Reclaim Rocks server is pretty much Reclaim Hosting‘s own server, and we have 3 or 4 users … Continue reading

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Ode to My 13″ Macbook Pro from 2015

Those stickers tell a story, the above Macbook Pro is a 13″ retina display I bought in 2015. It was my first Reclaim Hosting company computer, and almost 9 years later has continued to prove to be the best computer … Continue reading

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The Blog Generation

One of the ReclaimPress discussions Taylor and I had recently was with Chris Long, who will soon be taking on the role of provost at University of Oregon, leaving behind some absolutely amazing work and colleagues at Michigan State University. … Continue reading

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My Post-cPanel Toolkit

I spend less and less time in cPanel managing my online presence. I’ve moved bavatuesdays off cPanel 10+ years ago given my blog demanded a bit more juice than shared hosting could provide resource-wise. But once my go-to site went … Continue reading

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Reclaim the Comms

There’s been some discussion around the impact of the decline of centralized networks, such as Twitter, on individual and organizational communications. I’m not sure of the broader impact, but I do know it’s led Reclaim Hosting to take a wide … Continue reading

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I’m starting to get deeper into designing the space for bavastudio, which feels very good. The centerpiece of this space is going to be the street window that will feature a diorama that provides a tableau of different 80s movies. … Continue reading

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Reclaim Hosting Back on Cloudflare

As you can tell from my last post, I tend to use this blog as a testing ground for many other things. Such as the role of  avant garde when switching back and forth between services like Edgeport and Cloudflare. … Continue reading

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Bringing the Bava back to Cloudflare

I was experiencing some weirdness with the editor of my blog this weekend. In particular, the link option was gone from the classic editor and I was unable to access the media library. Two pretty large obstacles to writing a … Continue reading

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Windows 98 Woes

It’s been a while since I’ve graced the bava with a few keystrokes, but between travel and my retro-computing mishaps, it’s been a hard road back. The travel was awesome, the building out my Windows 98 computer not so much. … Continue reading

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