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The Art of Domains19

Day 2 of #domains19 and @ryanseslow’s work still remains an inspiring, challenging, creative force in Gallery 3. — DOMAINS 19 (@DomainsConf) June 11, 2019 There was a lot to love about Domains19,  and I’m just starting to get my … Continue reading

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Does 15 cabinets make an arcade?

I’ve been slow with the updates on the Reclaim Arcade collection, but that’s just because Tim’s acquisitions are outpacing my ability to blog them all. We are officially at 15 cabinets (counting Tim’s overhaul of Smash TV) which begs the … Continue reading

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Back in the Old Dominion

It has been quite nice to be back on the ground at a Virginia public university speaking with faculty and staff about social media. I felt back in my element, as did Dr. Oblivion. #cltfsc — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) … Continue reading

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Naro Expanded Video

Given I will be Catching up on posts from the last month or so, it’s always best to ease back into the blogging process, so what better than starting with what might be the best video rental store I have … Continue reading

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A Stopover in a Quiet Terminal

Father, forgive me, it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post. The guilt, it’s real. But, alas, marrying travel and blogging has become harder and harder for me. The simple fact is the older I get the more … Continue reading

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Pimping My Decks for Domains19

I am finally starting to get over the fear and dread of putting on Domains19, and moving into the enjoyment phase of the process. I am very much looking forward to landing in Durham, North Carolina in 10 days to … Continue reading

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Support the Remixer and the Arts

It’s no exaggeration to say that @BryanMMathers changed my aesthetic life indelibly when he began visually animating @reclaimhosting’s soul. We love this guy! And he is an amazingly generous collaborator. — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) May 24, 2019 It’s been … Continue reading

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5 Minute Tour of Reclaim HQ

? While back at Reclaim HQ I took a quick video providing a tour of the space, highlighting Reclaim Video, the burgeoning collection of 80s arcade cabinets, as well as a sneak peak at the installation we built with Ryan … Continue reading

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Pac-Man at 39

I mentioned as much on Instagram a few days ago, but May 22nd marked the 39th birthday of Pac-Man, which was released on that day in Japan but would not hit North American until October of 1980. What’s wild is … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video, or #ds106flix

I am just coming off a quick, fun trip back to Virginia. I was invited to talk at Old Dominion University (I’ll say more about that in my next post) which meant I was able to sneak in some time … Continue reading

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