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Reclaim Cloud’s Free Public Beta Now Open

I’ve been writing a bit about Reclaim Cloud on this blog over the past month in preparation for this: the launching of the open, public beta for Reclaim Hosting’s new cloud hosting service! It’s really exciting to share this news, … Continue reading

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Mounting Directories and Copying Files between Containers in Reclaim Cloud

As I was moving both bavatuesdays and ds106 from a WordPress Cluster setup to a more simplified LEMP-based container, I was running into issues with private and public keys making it hard for me to rsync between containers. I posted … Continue reading

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Holy Clustered Cloudlets, bava!

The last month needed to be a deep dive into the Reclaim Cloud, and I think I have held up my end. I migrated quite a few old sites, namely bavaghost, this blog (a couple of times), ds106 (a couple … Continue reading

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Weekend Notes from Reclaim Cloud: Anth101, downsizing bava, and back to MyISAM

I spent some time Saturday and Sunday playing around with the Reclaim Cloud, I am spending more and more time in this environment, and loving it. Couple of  notes here given I am prone to forget. I moved the impressive … Continue reading

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Reclaim Cloud: Closer than We Think!

Tim and I finally took an hour and sat down and chatted about Reclaim Cloud at length. It was episode 17 of Reclaim Today, and I was encouraged when our colleague Meredith said it really helped her see the bigger … Continue reading

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Catching Up on my Utopian Tendencies

At 4pm BST / 5pm CET / 11am EDT / 8am PDT @jimgroom and I will be bringing more Utopian Tendencies to #ds106radio #seizethemeansralfhutterstyle — ?????? (@LaurenHeywood) May 29, 2020 I never did blog about episode 3 of Utopian … Continue reading

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I was playing with cross-casting between Reclaim Radio and ds106radio yesterday, it was as easy as adding a second broadcaster to my current Audio Hijack setup. I played a string of tunes from 1995.  I am listing them below, and … Continue reading

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Running Azuracast on Reclaim Cloud

Following-up on my last post about Reclaim Radio, here is how I got the web radio software Azuracast up and running. The process was made easy by the fact that Azuracast has instructions on how to self-install a Docker instance … Continue reading

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Reclaim Radio

This has been a long time coming. More than a month ago we were imagining how cool it would be to have a space where we could play music like we did in the office, all the while I was … Continue reading

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Jitsi on Reclaim Cloud

Zoom’s privacy record has been spotty at best for a while now, but recent news pointing to their shutting down activist’s accounts at the behest of the Chinese government is yet another reason to think twice before using that video … Continue reading

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