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14 on Friday the 13th

Not one to break with tradition, I wanted to interrupt the radio silence on the bava over the past few weeks to say happy birthday to the best damn blog from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine, or Portland, Oregon for that … Continue reading

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LA Roadshow Recap

Hearing about all kinds of fantastic #DoOO projects from @bhindu20, @sundilu, and @acroom this morning at the LA #reclaimroadshow @jimgroom @brumface — Michael McGarry (@doublem44) November 8, 2019 10 days ago I was sitting in a room in Los … Continue reading

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The .Org Domain Racket

Breaking: Private Equity company acquires .Org registry Tim Owens pointed me to this article about the .Org registry that reports not long after ICANN lifted price caps on .org domains the Public Interest Registry (which is controlled by the Internet … Continue reading

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The Future Perfect: Designing Reclaim Arcade

We will have built an arcade in Fredericksburg, Virginia by Spring 2020. I have always sucked at grammar, but the future perfect tense finally makes sense to me. It indicates an action will have been completed at some point in … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal Parking Lot comes to Reclaim Video

The night before leaving Fredericksburg a pretty special treat was in store for me, I got to meet the other half of the duo that created the 1986 cult classic documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot (HMPL). For those keeping score, … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade …. It’s Happening!

Tim has done all the heavy lifting on the announcement front via Facebook—and the response has been truly heartening. But I figured started to formally record the process on this little old bava blog was in order. Tim and I … Continue reading

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CoWork Closing

I got the news today, oh boy! On December 20th our co-working space in Fredericksburg, CoWork, will be closing down. I’m posting the full announcement below for posterity, but this does mark a moment for Reclaim Hosting. We started CoWork … Continue reading

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ELI’s 7 Things about Domain of One’s Own

Well, Domain of One’s Own has finally hit the big time 🙂 Earlier this week the 7 Things to Know about Domain of One’s Own case study was published by the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. You can download it from their … Continue reading

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To Build and Blog an Arcade

As it turns out, @ReclaimArcade just acquired this cabinet last night, and we will not be letting any Swedes named Victor Sandberg anywhere near it 🙂 — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) October 19, 2019 I can’t seem to write quickly … Continue reading

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LA Reclaim Roadshow

Me next week when I hit LA! — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) October 22, 2019 In a couple of weeks Lauren and I will be heading West to put on the second Reclaim Roadshow at Emerson College’s Sunset Blvd campus. … Continue reading

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