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Alta Via 2 Post Mortem

Right before New Year’s I pushed myself to finally organize and publish the images from the hike Antonella and I took through the Dolomiti mountains this August. I actually wrote 3 posts while in the clutches of the hike—one for … Continue reading

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Partying Like it’s 2009

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to try and get my digital house in order. I’ve been catching up on uploading and organizing photos on Flickr and I’ve been blogging like its my job. That feels good, but … Continue reading

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Reclaim Roadshow Headed for Philly in May

It seems like just yesterday we were in Los Angeles with an awesome crew of folks talking all things Domains, but time flies when you are reclaiming the web one site at a time! We are really excited to announce … Continue reading

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Migration Policy Update: No Free Lunch, Hippies!

NB: A cross-posted policy update for migrations at Reclaim Hosting. Image credit: Hippies de Valdivia (Chile) In an effort to make our support as sustainable as possible we will only provide free migrations for students and faculty that move to … Continue reading

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Lifebits, the Next Corner of Cyberspace?

Net artist Olia Lialina will be presenting at the Transmedial conference later this month and she reached out in preparation for her talk with a question for me and other folks who run similar projects to Reclaim, such as Neocities, … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade in the Free-Lance Star

I just wanted to take a second and thank Cathy Jett for her awesome write-up of Reclaim Arcade in the Free-Lance Star. I love that we have the potential to be a local phenomenon with the arcade, and I hope … Continue reading

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The bava an A-Lister at Long Lost

Looks like the bava has finally gotten the a-listing it has long deserved!* Well, at least its SSL certificate did, alas the bava is still but a “b” blog.  So, another note for the bavaserver series is that SSL certificates … Continue reading

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bavaserver To-do List

Get the Nginx configuration to force https Figure out why Bitninja external firewall wreaks havoc when activated (php-fpm and/or Nginx conflicts?) Experiment with phpMyAdmin versus SequelPro to see how I want to manage the database going forward Setup monitoring so … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade: the Email Game

Things are getting serious, I now have my official Reclaim Arcade email address: That makes 5 email addresses! The way I run my email is foward my various email addresses from  Reclaim Hosting, Rockaway, and Reclaim Arcade’s Google Suite … Continue reading

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Managing Mail on the bavaserver

I’ve been on a bit of a roll with the bavaserver setup, and I am going to try and ride that energy for a bit longer before the semester gets into full gear at Reclaim Hosting and any remnants of … Continue reading

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