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Aggressive Technologies is Overvalued

A couple of weeks ago Paul Bond and I caught up with Martha “Sinclair” Burtis to do a playful skit around the fictional company Aggressive Technologies that the students in not only created, but have also been running with. … Continue reading

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100 Years of EdTech

I was more than a little envious of all the great folks enjoying the OER24 conference on the ground in Cork last week. It looked like an absolutely smashing event, and as I blogged last year, it’s definitely my favorite … Continue reading

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That Mathers Aesthetic!

The great Maren Deepwell (who Reclaim Hosting has been lucky enough to work with after her long stint as ALTs brilliant CEO) has created a visual anthology celebrating 10 years of Reclaim’s art. It’s a very cool video, and I … Continue reading

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ReclaimEDU: the Infomercial

I had the good fortune to do a stream last week with Pilot and Maren about ReclaimEDU, something we’ve been doing for clients for well over a year now, but have not pushed more broadly until just recently. “What is … Continue reading

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The Dr. Oblivion Bot

In the latest episode of Reclaim Today, Paul Bond and I catch up with Michael Branson Smith (MBS) in order to break down how he created the Dr. Oblivion bot running at Oblivion.University. Paul has been integrating the bot into … Continue reading

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The Old Disturbance

I cannot say how many days passed. The old disturbance had returned and in that state of blackness one can no more tell the days than a blind man notice the changes of light. From Graham Greene’s The End of … Continue reading

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A Guided Videodrome Review using ChatGPT

I’m in the midst of preparing for AI106, and I wanted to finally dig in a bit on ChatGPT using some of the advice proffered by Middlebury’s prompting poetry exercise “It’s Not Magic, It’s Math.” I wanted to start with … Continue reading

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Demystifying AI

As Paul Bond and I try to get the bones of AI106 together for the coming semester-long ds106 course focused on AI, I’m appreciating the amazing work the good folks at Middlebury College have done to frame an engaging, hands-on … Continue reading

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Zoomfloppy Driver Issues

This Christmas holiday I decided to return to playing with some peripheral hardware I bought for the Commodore 128D machine I discovered here in Italy 8 years ago. I have already written extensively about both the Zoomfloppy Drive (the subject … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a big moment for this blog: the finally moved into a physical storefront of its own: (click that link ans subscribe now!) 🙂 I’m not sure what exactly is, or will be, but I do … Continue reading

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