A Map of the Internet

Image credit: "Map of the Internet 1.0." by JaySimons

Image credit: “Map of the Internet 1.0.”
by JaySimons
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Paul Bond and I are teaching a course on the itnernet this semester, so I couldn’t resist this beautifully wrought map of the internet designed by JaySimons. I came across it thanks to this post on the OLDaily, and Stephen Downes is right: “It’s worth exploring in some depth because of the wealth of detail. Don’t forget to look at the ocean currents.” We’ll definitely be bringing this one up in class this week as we start talking about The History of the Internet.”

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2 Responses to A Map of the Internet

  1. Ryan says:

    XKCD has a trio of maps that you might also find interesting for this course:

    Map of the Internet by IP
    Online Communities from Spring 2007
    Online Communities 2 from Spring and Summer 2010

    Really cool to see how things have changed from 2007 to 2010 to now!

  2. Jack Hylan says:

    Never seen this map before. Really creative but where is the country for CMS or just WordPress?

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