A New Development in #Sockgate

Seems like there is someone who will not be named making bootleg #ds106 socks. What’s more, 4 pair were delivered to my door this afternoon in a neatly packed bundle.

2016-05-19 12.40.51

And given the resulting strife from the perceived notion that certain backers did not get their appropriate socks due, I am prepared to offer a #4life olive branch.

2016-05-19 12.47.05

I am working on a deal with the bootlegger to have socks delivered to all the folks who had them coming. I am hoping this may put an end to #sockgate and allow us to direct our attention to more pressing matters in ed-tech. What’s more, I can guarantee these 100% pure ed-tech socks were not made by underpaid lackey’s in China! These are thought leader socks 🙂

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One Response to A New Development in #Sockgate

  1. MBS says:

    How long have these been at the bottom of your proverbial sock drawer. Sock hoarder!

    This may appear to be a genuine attempt at contrition, but I’m watching you Groom!

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