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The Reclaim Hosting team is gearing up for the OER20 Conference happening in London on April 1st and 2nd (Corona Virus allowing). As part of our proposed sponsorship of the conference this year we wanted to run an in-depth, hands-on workshop for beginner and intermediate internauts on various elements of how the Web works within a LAMP server environment. The curriculum was imagined in partnership with Coventry University’s extraordinary learning technologist Lauren Heywood (the brains behind the brilliant Coventry Learn).

The day-long workshop will offer participants a look at how DNS works, the basics of the FTP protocol, various uses and abuses of command line, file management, editing basic HTML and PHP code, as well as dissecting how database-driven applications work. All attendees with be provided their own sandbox server environment to work within, and each part of the workshop will provide an overview of the technology followed by a hands-on activity that will put theory into action!

The event will be held at Coventry University on March 31st, the day before OER20 kicks off. Please keep in mind Coventry is an hour train ride from London, so plan accordingly before registering. Speaking of which, there is a £75 registration fee that will go directly towards sponsoring ALT—the good folks that run this amazing conference. So, not only could you learn a thing or two about how the web works, but you will also be supporting the good folks that run OER.*

So, if this sounds interesting to you, do us all a favor and register for the workshop directly.

*What’s more, if no one registers then Reclaim might actually have to give them money! 

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