Bagman for President

I’m pretty swallowed up by ds106 right now, I have been pulling in what seems like an endless stream of feeds. My hosting account is about to fall over cause I am pushing it so hard, and ds106 is off to the races and taking no prisoners. Let there be no mistake about it, the community makes this class awesome, and every semester crazy beautiful things emerge. One that has caught my attention early and often thus far is Brian Short’s The Bagman Video series. Pure and utter low-tech, comic genius. His recent “Paper Bag Republican Presidential Primary Coverage” is just the latest in a long line of magic.

Then there is the pure joy of listening to him and his sidekick make the Bagman and Robyn video:

The now classic Bagman’s keys:

And how can we forget the old gold Bagman tonguw twister that started the love affair for me:

It is because of unbelievably creative people like this that ds106 continues to amaze, and my only thought everyday waking up is who is gonna blow my mind next?

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