Baltimore’s Rainbow Port

I really liked Ien Harris’s “Rainbow Showcase” assignment, as well as the post he did to demonstrate how it works. That’s some awesome assignment work right there, and I love how it’s abstracted out to any movie or TV show for the assignment.

I immediately thought of season two when reading this assignment, because the port of Baltimore is so colorful. There’s a rainbow in just about every scene, between the water, the containers, the cranes, workers clothes, etc. For example, look at the very first shot of season 2:
Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 11.51.44 PM

You can find the whole rainbow just in that shot, and the same is true of the following shot of the port. That’s a rainbow of shipping containers, so cool.

Baltimore port

But then I started thinking Lauren Brumfield already did this assignment for me, so why not just steal her screenshots because I am pushing the time limit for this. So, I am repurposing Lauren’s brilliant observations of the recurring wide shots highlighting the hulking built environment in order to highlight the colors of the rainbow 🙂

A very pastel green, notice how different the color palette is in season 2


Almost a bluish light in this one

Prominents Blues and Reds in this one

A red, blue, and gray palette here.

Nice red, blue, and orange here

And Lauren does my work for me, a whole rainbow of shipping containers in Season 2.


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