bava downtime

Image of the great Barbara Steele

I am trying to move the bava to a wpmu installation so I have something to blog about. I expect that the site may be down over the next 12-24 hours during the move. I know this is very horrifying for many of you, so I just wanted to encourage you to be strong and persevere.

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4 Responses to bava downtime

  1. Andre Malan says:

    I see the bava is back online… good thing too as I was in need of a permalink to your Goya post.

  2. reverend says:

    @Andre –
    The bava is back, and it is now running as a mapped domain on a WPMu installation. The future is here, baby!

  3. Dawn+ says:

    It was horrifying, indeed. With a bit of botox, I might have looked like the lovely model.

    But now I get most of today–instead of last evening–to try to figure out how to scrape, spider, filter, combine and manipulate RSS feeds, following links from RSS Feed Generator for Academic Journals.

    The bava is back; the future is bright again….

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