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Last month my family and I had the good fortune of welcoming Adam and Katie Croom to Trento. We enjoyed a jam-packed weekend of birthday celebrations, Dolomiti hikes, and Medieval castles. Adam blogged all the details and I now have watch envy! I was honored to hear that his trip to Trento was a highlight of his Italian journey—there is some stiff competition for attractions in this place. So, Adam and Katie brought a little something as an offering to the church of bava—-and I have to say it does not suck. The Blog Boyz shirt you see above is actually  reference to something Kevin Durant said on The Bill Simmons Podcast.

You can get more details following the above link, but essentially Durant is talking smack on the focus around obscure analytics in basketball, while noting the game has changed for the worst given folks are afraid to become the latest meme on Twitter—or the butt of over analysis in the blogosphere. His term for these folks is “Blog Boyz,” and he goes on to say it in such a way over and over again during the podcast that it has, to quote the article, “entered the basketball lexicon.” While I can’t pretend to be a basketball fan (I don’t think I ever wrote about sports here), but the lasting pain of losing Durant for Thunder faithful is apparent when talking to Adam—there is still so much love there. What’s more, after listening to Durant I can understand why, he is funny and sharp. That said, I do appreciate a good t-shirt that references blogging. What’s more, probably the funniest part is when I put the shirt on this morning my daughter said to me, “Does that shirt say “Blog Body?” LOL, in fact, that might be a more appropriate slogan for me 🙂

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