Calling Car 106


Car 106 from the Bond film A View to a Kill

For a long time I’ve wanted to get a shot of a police car numbered 106. There’s one in the Fredericksburg Police Department fleet that I see from time to time, but given I have no cellphone/smart phone, I don’t usually have a digital camera handy to catch it in those unexpected moments. But while watching the 1985 Bond film A View to a Kill the other night one of the patrol cars pursuing Bond around the streets of San Francisco was 106. I figured that might be worth a quick “Illustrate 106” assignment.

You can see the 106 clearly in the image above. This image comes from the scene right before this car, which is stuck on a drawbridge raising vertically, crashes back into another police car. The gravitational pull of ds106 was extremely strong twenty five years before the class even started. #4life.

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4 Responses to Calling Car 106

  1. I vaguely remember seeing a 106 cop car, maybe it was in Freddy. Of course we did spot the Security Car 106 in the Universidad del Sagrado campus in Puerto Rico

    Keep looking!

  2. Reverend says:

    You know I love that animate 106 assignment, one of my all-time favorites. I am trying to get back into shape a bit with this post. As for all the images and things we’ve done ds106, there are so many at this point I start to forget, it is truly liek a universe unto itself. It’s awesome.

  3. Maha Bali says:

    My question is: what’s the story behind the no-cellphone/smartphone? So you do all your work via a laptop/PC?
    I can sort of understand some ppl not wanting a smartphone so as not to be always connected/working (I resisted for years then caved in completely), but no cellphone with the kind of work you do? Really want to hear that story!

    • Reverend says:

      Yeah, I’ve been pretty much cellphone free my whole life. To be clear, we bought a burner phone to manage some of the travel the last two years, but I lost that for a year and haven’t missed it (we just found it in a suitcase again last week 🙂 ). I think the reason we can get along without a cellphone has a lot to do with my families lifestyle, I live very close to work (a commute by foot) and I’m at a desk on a laptop for a good part of the day. If I am not, I am at home with my family. So, keeping in contact with people is almost entirely through email, social media, or hanging out with family. I only have a wall phone in my kitchen, and that’s where I call immediate family in Italy, New York and California.

      We keep it pretty simple in terms of communication. I probably spend more time writing on this blog than any other communciation other than talking with people face to face. I like that, I hate the idea of being tethered to a phone, I see all the zombies mindlessly scrolling on their smartphones and it depresses me. In my mind it symbolizes the majority of our global culture has become alienated in time and space ubiquitously. I know that is a generalized overstatement that misses the real power of connections with social media, but the opposite seems just as true for me. And I wouldn’t give up one for the other, but I mind where I stand in that balance 😉 Zombiefree4life

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