Cancel, Delete, Terminate: Removing Accounts in WHMCS

When supporting Domain of One’s Own, on e of the issues folks run into is someone having created an account they not longer want. This can happen for several reasons: they think Facebook is the one true web, they believe aliens invented the internet and are using it against humanity (distinct possibility), they don’t like the domain they created, they have done their work and want it gone, etc. Probably the most common is someone created a domain they no longer want, and would like a new domain new. If they have content on the site, this would be better done by changing the domain in WHM. But, if the account is empty, and they just want to start over, we can terminate their hosting account in WHM through WHMCS, and then delete their WHMCS account. NB: It is important that both are done on order for folks to start anew.

Click on the terminate button in WHMCS to delete the web hosting account product. Keep in mind you will still need to delete the user on order for them to create a new account.

Terminating the WHM account through WHMCS is only half the battle. Once that is done, the WHMCS account for that user most also be deleted (assuming they only had one hosting account that is now terminated) given when they try and re-create a domain from the Dashboard page in WordPress the system will only let them create a new account if there is no trace of them in WHMCS. This is one way to prevent users from creating multiple web hosting accounts.

After you have terminated the account, you will need to also delete the client’s account in WHMCS so they can create a new account from WordPress.

Once the WHMCS client is deleted there will be no more sign of that user in WHM or WHMCS, so when they login through the Domain of One’s Own portal, they will have a clean slate. Keep in mind this is not recommended if the user already has created content given terminating the web hosting account will delete all their content.

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