Day 15: King Ghidorah Model


Godzilla movies were right up there with Planet of the PAes for me as a kid. Watching Godzilla battle Mothra, Rodan, and the baddest ass of them all King Ghidorah was pure joy. I mean the Godzilla movies took model making and destruction to the next level, and while you were able to see the sets were models even as a media credulous eight year old, it just enhanced the pleasure that much more. So when Dave’s Hobby Shop in Freeport, LI had the Aurora model kits for Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah, I was all over it. Model making and painting was one of my favorite activities as a kid, and in fact I promised myself twleve years ago when I moved back to Brooklyn from LA that I would set up a space dedicated to model making and painting. That never worked out, but I’s still planning on it because the desire is still there, and I now have the digs that will allow me to convert part of my wood paneled basement into a model studio. The idea of actually doing this is some kind of odd sense of having arrived, a space of my own for painting meaningless miniatures that will sit in a box on a shelf is absolutely alluring to me, it is part of my whole retirement plan.

Nonetheless, King Ghidorah was without question my favorite monster from the Godzilla franchise, and back in 2000 they re-released the original Aurora models from 1975, and they are still available on Amazon for less than $20, so maybe I’ll use this post as a means to jump start the model art basement studio I’ve been thinking about for so long, and what better way than to as for the re-issue of King Ghidorah for Xmas this year?

As for King Ghidorah, who had a better roar? I love this YouTube video that breaks down all the different frequencies!

And lest you forget how bad Ghidorah was, with a simple flap of his wings this three-headed alien hydra could create hurricane-like winds. And remember that in the old school Godzilla films, it took Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan to defeat him (below is a clip of him terrorizing Japan)

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