Day 19: The Kiss Dolls

Catalog image of Kiss Dolls

Image of Kiss Dolls catalog description

Image of Love GunMuch gets made of Star Wars and Atari 2600 when we think about 70s toy culture, but one of the most anticipated toys of the 70s—1979 to be exact—were the Kiss dolls. And I didn’t even get one of them, my older brother Kevin did, in fact he got them all. It was a point of pride for him not to let me play with them, put I managed some quality time with them on the sly. And while I marveled at Gene Simmons tongue, I was secretly a fan of Peter Chris for some reason.

When I think of these dolls, I immediately think of just how obsessed we were with Kiss as kids. One of the single most memorable albums events of all time for me was Kiss’s 1977 Love Gun, and while I couldn’t tell you much about any of the songs (save Christine Sixteen—maybe that explains my crush on Peter Chris), the cover art has been forever burnt into my mind’s eye. And the actual love gun toy that came with that album was a source of sheer wonder for me. Screw the purists that argue vinyl sounds crisper, the real problem with CDs and digital music is that there aren’t enough love guns.

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