Day 89: Putt-Putt Raceway

Image credit: Wishbook’s “1976.xx.xx JCPenney Christmas Catalog P358”

I was never a big race car/race track fan, I had a few in my day put it never really got me excited like some other toys did. One of the few exceptions was the Putt-Putt Raceway which I got as four or five year old, and I absolutely loved the whole bridge over the track with a film camera. I also liked the grandstand, and the fact that you turned the drivers heads to get the car to go. Another nice feature of this toy was that it gives way to crashes given the track is a cross-over. Much of my time using this toy was dedicated to getting the two cars to crash into one another—I mean why else would one have interest in a cars racing?

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One Response to Day 89: Putt-Putt Raceway

  1. Jerry says:

    You are such a NASCAR fan and don’t even know it.

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