Day 90: Good Humor “Bike”

Good Humor Bike

As a very young bava this was without question one of the most magical toys I ever had.  I mean the ice cream man was tantamount to God on my block growing up, and the idea that I could actually cruise around my house emulating him is not something to consider lightly for a malleable mind.  You could ring your bell, don the Good Humor cap, and dole out ice cream to all your brothers and sisters who were good that day (and I had six to choose from). Just the idea of having my own mobile freezer filled with fake ice cream was enough to satisfy me, and unlike many toys I got, this one was used and abused for years afterwards. I have to thank Jenny and Mikhail’s post for this discovery, because I had forgotten it until I saw it on the same page as Sit n’ Spin in the 1976 JC Penney Xmas Catalog.

Image credit: Wishbook’s “1976.xx.xx JCPenney Christmas Catalog P366?

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