Day 97: Funco’s Spider-Man Web Shooter


In 1975 or 76, Funco’s Spider-man Web shooter may have very well been the single greatest thing that happened to me up and until that point.  The idea of actually shooting my own dart from my wrist (which I imagined then as a 6′ long web) was nothing short of revolutionary to me.  The idea of wearing this toy on your wrist, and walking around the neighborhood provides a remarkable occasion of imagination.  This was not simply a toy, it was a portal to another dimension of identity and possibility.

What’s more is that I didn’t get this from Sears or for Xmas, I picked it up at Howie’s, our neighborhood Candy store run by Howie Herman and his perpetually 100 year old mother, who had an mole the size of Texas on her cheek.  It was a magical store, and it was only a matter of time before it made its way into this series. Howie’s is an entire series of its own, I learned much in this store: saw my first nudie mgazine, smelt pot for the first time, and saw Howie Herman and one of his special lady friends having a full blown fist fight. It was a wild store, and there is much more to be said about it, but for the moment I should focus on the Web Shooter  because it still, to this day, remains one of the single most formative objects I ever played with—one must never underestimate the imaginative sense of power while having a lethal projectile on your wrist.

Image credit: The above image is from the  Spider-man Memorabilia Archive, which is a veritable treasure chest of Spider-man toys from the past forty year, a genius site.

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8 Responses to Day 97: Funco’s Spider-Man Web Shooter

  1. Jim Doran says:

    I totally wanted this. And a real, working light saber.

  2. David Mosher says:

    I had one of these and Loved it! I have many fond memories of playing with my Spider-Man web-shooters, thanks for posting this!

  3. bradford says:

    this was one of my MOST FAVORITE toys as a kid…seeing it again was just AWESOME!!! thanks for that; i was born in ’69 so this fricking toy gave me sooo many hours of fun!!

  4. Marcus says:

    Where can I buy this spiderman shooter web?

  5. John says:

    As a 6 year old boy Weeks before my birthday I found myself walking through The department store Wolco with my Mom as she pushed (and I followed ) the Shopping cart around the store . She was beyond a loving mother second to none, but was not above teaching me out my sister or brother a lesson when needed.

    As mom shopped in the isles , she specifically told me that my birthday present was under her coat in the shopping cart and Not to look or she would put in back.

    As she looked up and down the shelves I was convinced the coast was clear and lifted the jacket .. Enter into scene , the 1975 SpiderMan WebShooter in sight .. My excitement was only surpassed by my shock of turning around to she my Mom with her hands on her hips shaking her head .

    As she softly and disappointently said my name “Johnny.. What did I say Ibwpuld have to do?”… I watched her hand take this beautiful you and place it back on the shelf. A loving lesson to be taught and the next time I was asked Not to do something this event inspired my to think before acting.

    Fast forward 35 years which saw me as a husband to a loving wife and father to three beautiful , caring daughters .. As stories of childhood memories are often told, this One about my Loving Mom (now in a better place) was often shared and the toy the never came to be.

    On an Xmas morning a few years back I find a wrapped gift with the tag ” To Johnny from Mommy”.. Confused and curious I unwrap the gift to see a sealed, unopened clean, undamaged and practically New original 1975 SpiderMan WebShooter toy (with the J Hook hole still in place). My family decided to save and search with success to bring me the magic toy… The feeling of holding the package , looking at the 70’s artwork and items inside is hard to articulate .

    This was 4 years ago and to this day I struggle with urge to tear it open and shoot it against the wall while making the sound of the web along with my voice… I don’t think I ever will.

    This toy is a life hood memory that was 35 years in growth and to this day brings me a flush on feelings, smells, and thoughts of a 6 year old boy and the joy of the times

    I would proudly share the pics of my Awesome Toy should anyone be interested. In the event a website delicates to Spidey or 70’s toys would care to use it , I am pleased to share .

  6. Jack says:

    Being the spoiled brat that I was (am?), my mother bought about four of these for me. Yea, I was that kid.

  7. Mark says:

    Had this and the Incredible Hulk instant muscles (inflated under your shirt)

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