ds106 Mad Men (or women!)

Image by D'Arcy Norman

nobody blogs like the bava. nobody!

So, if D’Arcy Norman isn’t already doing sick mashups featuring yours truly as the “Mad Men” poster–which is brilliant!—then Tom Woodward is laying down assignment after assignment already on his bionic blog—and I quote:

The Shining Animated Gif
Make an animated gif from your favorite/least favorite movie capturing the essence of a key scene. Make sure the movement is minimal but essential.

All I can say is—are you kidding me? I know who my masters are, and I’m ready to bow down before them already—how sick is this digital storytelling course going to be? Every minute I just get more and more fired up, this is truly what I’ve needed for a while, and now it’s coming together.

What’s more, Dave Cormier, George Siemens, Bonnie Stewart, and Alexander McAuley have produced some really compelling and succinct video explanations about what a MOOC is, what to expect, and how you can be a successful part of one. The later video really helps frame my thinking for the whole thing—and gives the course some essential guidelines to start designing around. I can’t thank them all enough. Again, Canadian edtech crew FTW! When is someone gonna give me a job in Canada? Preferably Vancouver 😉

And let me add to the title of my post the following qualification:

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6 Responses to ds106 Mad Men (or women!)

  1. hey. I already called dibs on vancouver.

  2. Zack D says:

    I’ve been wondering – why is it that Canadians seem to kick so much ass in this arena? I’m serious. Why?

  3. Grant says:

    @Zack D …. it’s the health care … and BC is known for it’s medicinal plants …

  4. Jim says:

    Ahhhhhh, I see—the medicinal plants. I want some of that, though supposedly the US has a new identity along those lines:

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