ds106zone Week 4: Intro to Video

Today I recorded an hour long ds106.tv broadcast framing and introducing week 4 of the ds106zone. This week is dedicated to reading an episode of Twilight Zone closely and working through 15 stars of video assignments. You can see the post outlining this week’s assignments here (much of which is lifte directly from Alan Levine’s assignments last semester). This video features me explaining the assignments, ranting about learning to read the grammar of film, and looking at some  assignment completed already by early bird ds106ers at UMW, namely Kris and Kelli. I am planning on doing another episode of ds106tv tomorrow, tentatively at 3 PM EDT with Michael Branson Smith. What’s more, I’m also hoping to get Mike Bosland locked to talk about his effect work in video. We’ll see, but until then, make some art, dagnabit!

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