DTLT Today: The UMW Blogs Upgrade Show

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it has been having Tim Owens at DTLT rocking the joint. He’s been experimenting madly with Andy Rush‘s Wirecast/Live Boradcast setup, a.k.a “the kit,” and it’s evermore apparent we’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with the live broadcasts during the ds106 Summer of Oblivion.

We’ve done nine episodes of DTLT Today so far, and it has been a ton of fun—which makes all the difference. With very little overhead, a loose approach, and not more than a rough idea of the topic we’ll be discussing it seems to challenge us to get to the point and keep the discussion moving. And the fact that the show can be no longer than 15 minutes is one of my favorite aspects of the whole thing, I like how limitations can help focus a format. What’s more, the shows are usually born of something broached while chatting in the office earlier that day.

And while there is a nonchalance to the whole thing, Timmmmyboy has been doing some really awesome stuff with the Live broadcasts. For example, we can bring tweets directly into the live broadcasts if they include @dtlttoday —a pretty cool live commentary using tools people are already on. And Tim gives the play-by-play for how he did this here. Additionally, Tim has been using the iPad to remotely control the different shots for each broadcast. For example, we had 8 shots for today’s broadcast, each with a different background image, lower third, intro, outro, etc. All of these were controlled at the touch of a button on an iPad (see how he did it here). No fumbling around, just smooth, live TV brought to you thanks to some elegant hacks by Timmmmmyboy. Also, it’s cool how quickly we are getting the live broadcast format down while at the same time innovating in the space, sharing out what we do, and having fun. Tim Owens has made DTLT a lot stronger, we love this guy!

Anyway, here is today’s live broadcast covering the recent upgrade to UMW Blogs.

DTLT just finished a major upgrade to UMW Blogs and a ton of plugins and themes. Join Jim and Tim as they talk about some of the new themes, plugins, and features of 3.2 that Mary Washington is taking advantage of with UMW Blogs.

Show Notes

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