Exceeding CPU Limits with Bluehost

Exceeded CPU

A few times over the last month I have exceeded the limits of the server CPU on Bluehost. Three of the four times I have gotten the message above (which suspends my entire account for at least a few minutes). When Ireceived this message I had been utlizing what I think are relatively undemanding web applications (MediaWiki and WordPress) with a class of no more than twenty five students (in one case half that number). At first I thought maybe jimgroom.net is too demanding or I have bad scripts running (which I don’t believe I do), but when the same thing happened on a departmental bluehost account on a similar situation I began to see a pattern with the hosting service, not the individual accounts per se. Has anyone else out there been having similar problems with their webhosting?

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  1. Gardner says:

    Odd. Have you contacted Bluehost for an explanation? I’ve never seen this error. That said, I’ve never had 25 students on at once, though I have pushed out 15GB in bandwidth when Claudia’s reading and Jon Udell’s podcast were both at their peak of usage.

  2. timsamoff says:

    Hi there… Don’t know if you’ve resolved this yet. I was having the same issues with them — with all sorts of low-CPU apps. I don’t know if you got their email a while back about offering a higher CPU load server for those who wanted to pay $30/month. Pretty ridiculous.

    I seem to have solved my issues with them, though… I recently had them switch me from a PHP 4 server to a PHP 5 server (a free service) and all of my CPU load issues vanished. It’s most likely because it’s a newer, faster server (rather than being a PHP thing), but it’s definitely something they should look into.

    If you’re still on a PHP 4 server, I suggest requesting an upgrade.

  3. jimgroom says:


    I guess upgrading to a PHP 5 server is the next step for I still have been having issues intermittenly. I was thinking of moving to PHP 5 soon in any event, because I was considering a switch to Drupal and the module for bring the WordPress database over is dependent on PHP5, but that is fodder for yet another post.

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. bluehost says:

    I suggest upgrading to a PHP5 server as well. Should help your cause.

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