Growing up, my neighbor had a three-legged dog…

Image of a Tripod Dog

…and his name was Tripod.

Image thanks to mre770.

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6 Responses to Growing up, my neighbor had a three-legged dog…

  1. Chris L says:

    Hey, so did Layne Staley. And *my* neighbor when I was a kid. I’m starting to sense a conspiracy. This demands dogged investigation. And perhaps a dog-leg in our thinking to reconsider what we think we already know… no sense in being dogmatic.

  2. Alan Levine says:

    I know we did not grow up in the same neighborhood, but we too had a Tripod running around. Another one was called “Skipper”.

    McCartney- “My dog he got three legs, your dog he got none.”

  3. jimgroom says:

    As Andy said in the office after I posted this, “Everyone knew of a dog in their neighborhood named tripod when they were growing up.” Exactly! But did anyone ever own a dog named tripod? That is the bigger question.

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