Hey ds106, I just thought I’d riff off you

It is starting to happen, ds106 is taking hold and folks are letting go and having fun an creating wildly. I’ve seen a ton of awesome work this week, an Alan and I are collecting as much of it as we can as a record here. More than that, during our Week in Review show on Friday, that I will be posting shortly, Noise Professor was talking about how ds106 is at its best when people are not simply doing assignments, but riffing off the work others are doing and modifying or playing with it in some way. This can only happen if your work is open an if you are not afraid to piss off your professor an have some fun. Luckily, Thomas Ella is ready to do both, and his “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling meme post featuring yours truly here provides a wonderful opportunity for me to riff and respond. This is kind of like the Spubble assignment, but only seen through the lens of an American Apparel t-shirt. Hey girl, I hope you enjoy it.

Image credit: Maura Monohan’s “Confusion, maybe?”, and if Maura would have made it Creative Commons and re-mixable I wouldn’t be breaking her copyright currently.

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One Response to Hey ds106, I just thought I’d riff off you

  1. Maura says:

    I hate when I think I’ve changed my Flickr settings but really I don’t know what I did…once all my stars are done I’ll work on changing that.

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