Just for fun: A coupe of 4 Icon Challenges

I was looking through the icons in The Noun Project, and while others might have already used these icons for similar reason, I couldn’t help but reproduce a couple of classics for The Four Icon Challenge assignment (one of the all-time greats). The first should be dead simple to guess, the second a bit more difficult, so I’ll give you a hint: 1985. As for the assignment, very easy. Take screenshots of the images and then scale them an paste them together in GIMP.

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23 Responses to Just for fun: A coupe of 4 Icon Challenges

  1. Ben says:

    I’m going to guess Pyscho on the first one, and War Games on the second, although I’m not confident on that one. I’m curious, can you open up vector graphics files in GIMP, or would you need another tool like Inkscape to manipulate the SVG files?

  2. Reverend says:


    Yes on the first guess, no on the second guess—it’s a hard one. What year did WarGames come out? 🙂

    As for SVG files in GIMP, they don’t work. You need Inkscape, but I have yet to play with that tool, but I will soon.

  3. Ben says:

    Inkscape can be a beast, watch out. If anyone can tame it, it’s you though, so good luck!

    Alright, going to take a second guess at #2. I though tit might have been wargames with the computer, the satellite, and then nuclear symbol, but that last symbol looks like the Flux capacitor from Back to the Future, which DID come out in 1985. Not sure that the other icons fit in though. Real Genius also comes to mind, as it would fit with the radiation symbol, but that satellite keeps gnawing at me. I would have gone with Weird Science, but the fact that the bra was in the first one, and not the second, was steering me away.

    Man, this is too much thought for a Sunday afternoon 🙂

  4. Jack Pando says:

    Is the second one is Dr. Strangelove?

  5. rmcguirk says:

    Is the second one Die Another Day, or any other Bond movie?

    • Reverend says:

      Not a Bond movie.

      1985 is the year, keep that in mind.

      This one calls for some diehard 1980s movie buffs 🙂

  6. rmcguirk says:

    I lied, it’s Def Con 4

  7. lockmantuj says:

    Radioactive Dreams for the second one

  8. rmcguirk says:

    @lockmantuj I think you might be right, but Radioactive Dreams was not released in the States until ’86.

  9. Reverend says:

    @Scott and Rachel,
    No, no, and no. This film is far less serious than any of those, but very sciencey and insane weapons of mass destruction just like those. But Radioactive Dreams? I wouldn’t even go see that film 🙂

  10. Ben says:

    Satellites, computers, weapons of Mass Destruction, I think I finally figured it out! It’s “Spies Like Us!”

  11. Jim says:


    Yoiu got the year right, but not the film. Here is an additional hint: popcorn and Jesus 🙂 That should give it away.

  12. Jim says:


    Nice, you are the only person who cares enough about 80s movies to get this. I am insanely impressed. You rock, Real Genius it is. It starts off with a sattelite, the atom is an icon from the poster, they hack into the computer in order to change the direction of the final icon, the chemical weapon. Difficult because I went all science, but I was limiting myself to The Noun Project as an added level of fun for myself.

  13. Ben says:


    See above lengthy comment please.

    Kudos to Rachel for nailing it, I was hesitant and doubting on my Real Genius guess, hence your guess stands 😀

  14. Reverend says:


    My bad, I missed the Real Genius in your comment. I have to officially take the title away from Rachel, who will be devastated, and give it to you. You rule! Rachel…not so much 🙂

  15. rmcguirk says:


    Gotta go with your gut next time! I will concede that without the popcorn hint I probably would have never guessed it.

  16. rmcguirk says:


    whoa, whoa, Ben’s gut also told him it was Back to the Future. You can’t claim a guess if you are not going to follow thru with it. I demand that title back. 😉

  17. Reverend says:

    @Rachel and @Ben,
    I think we need to have another 4 Icon Challenge of 80s movies to establish the true winner. Stay tuned for more details, I think I have a few I can throw out there.

  18. Ben says:

    Bring it! 80s movie 4 Icon Challenge! 🙂

  19. Jim says:

    Deal, stay tuned for a whole boatload of 80s 4-icon challenges.

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