La Radio ds106: Italian Lolita

Last night Antonella and I had a real blast putting together our first 15 minute play list of Italian classics, commercials, and variety show numbers on YouTube mixed in with clips of Peter Sellers as Claire Quilty from Stanley Kubrick’s “Lolita.” Far from perfect, but way too fun, and I hope to get even better.

Here is a break down of the media

Running time is 15 minutes, and you can download the file here—
La Radio ds106: Italian Lolita

We need to come up with a way to remix this stuff and share it. We are talking about that currently in DTLT, and may want to think this through. For now I am using the ta here ds106media. We’ll wee where that leads, though some kind of browsable space might be nice.

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  1. Ah my friend! Just the title “La canzone del sole” sends me in heaven!! I was ten-ish when it came out and I loved it ever since. A great song by Lucio Battisti! Do you like “Pensieri e parole” too? And then the Kessler twins, everybody in Italy was in love with their legs… Carosello, the ad segment broadcast at 8pm, after which we kids were sent to bed. OMG, this is rebirthing. What can I add, you put together all my icons in one miracolous post-podcast-radioshow. Pasolini, Totò, Peter Sellers, Kubrick.
    You know what? You two certainly conjured it all up together, now I realize it… Italian Lolita… Kubrick/Berlusconi/Ruby Heartstealer!! Masterwork, bavafamily!

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