Leaving UMW: the 2008 Edition


While packing up the books in my house (I haven’t even started on the office yet), I found the above card from my DTLT colleagues wedged in a Captain America Mad Libs. They gave it to me back in February of 2008 on the occasion of my first remove from UMW to work at the University of Richmond, a period we affectionately refer to as my “sabbatical.” I have to admit it’s kind wild to find this as I prepare for the second remove. Things will be changing for me very soon, and that comes with it’s own excitement. But artifacts like this provide a pleasant reminder of just how important these folks have been in my personal and professional life over the last ten years. I’ll miss the salad days of DTLT. See that, I started the nostalgia before I’m even out the door 🙂

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