Migration Policy Update: No Free Lunch, Hippies!

NB: A cross-posted policy update for migrations at Reclaim Hosting.

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In an effort to make our support as sustainable as possible we will only provide free migrations for students and faculty that move to Reclaim Hosting’s shared services from a current university-based Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) account. All other migrations to our shared hosting service will start at $25 per site.

Screenshot of Migration Assitance Page
Click on image for the Migration Assistance Page

Given our growth over the last few years we have found migrations demand more and more of our resources given the significant time commitment they require.  As a result we needed to re-visit our current free migrations policy for new accounts as it’s become increasingly untenable. And while we will continue to provide free migrations for clients migrating from DoOO schools, we have decided to charge a reasonable fee for all other new clients in order to balance the workload to ensure we can continue to deliver the world-class support that folks have come to expect.

Additionally, if we believe a migration will take an inordinate amount of time, we will provide a detailed estimate of anticipated time/costs for the work before proceeding.

Thanks for your both your continued support and understanding.

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2 Responses to Migration Policy Update: No Free Lunch, Hippies!

  1. Well, it is always a good time when somebody needs to leave an awkward situation and move on with their life, and so it is good that UNCLE @JimGroom and @timmmmyboy #andFriends are there to help out with a migration. They were there to help me out when it was time, and they have been very good to keep helping every time I didn’t even have a problem but if I did they would help.

    So thank you UNCLE @JimGroom and #ReclaimHosting. #4LIFE

  2. Jim Groom says:

    Thank you, Tina, you are a TRUE FRIEND. Now give me $25!

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