Noise Pollution!

Today’s Daily Create “Noise pollution!,” submitted by Sandy Brown Jensen, asks you to stand still and record the ambient sounds where you are. It actually specifies you do this in the middle of your day, but by the time I sat down today it was nighttime and all I could hear were the sultry sounds of an early Fall evening in Virginia. So I went outside and made a 30 second recording.

But after that I started playing with a wide variety of effects in Audacity to see what I could do. And one effect, Paulstretch, kinda blew my mind. It sounded like a soundtrack for a David Lynch film. It took the 30 second recording of the singing insects in my back yard and strectched them out to 5 minutes. Kinda trippy. Enoy

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  2. Actually there are a lot of rhythmic sounds that we are unaware of that tend to resonate with body rhythms (like when heart beat slows or accelerates to the sixty beats per second from the alarm clock on the night stand). I am not aware of any research on noise pollution that tries to figure out if we are not all slowly “rewired” by multitudinous sounds in our environment we are never quite aware of but which re-“adjust” our bodies in, probably, harmful ways. And I think if you can hear insects still you may be on the safe side …

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