Noodling with the Catfish

I’ll be spending part of this holiday weekend down in Slocum Alabama with the great Tom “Catfish” Woodward. So it seems like the edtech survivalists will find themselves together once again. In fact, Catfish promised we’d do some noodling, a popular sport down in Dixie and one this here carpetbagger hadn’t heard of before. But as usual, my enlightenment works to your great benefit, the following video beautifully demonstrates the elegant sophistication of noodling in the wild.  Enjoy!

And if you somehow didn’t get enough after that, check out the documentary Okie Noodling (2001) that features the noodling subculture in Oklahoma, but also features an original soundtrack by The Flaming Lips—who knew?

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2 Responses to Noodling with the Catfish

  1. just be sure to count your noodles before you leave, and after you get back… have a good’n.

  2. Sue F. says:

    Wow. And now I’ve got a craving for one of my favorite dishes…

    Enjoy your trip!

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