Notes on WHM: Converting Addon Domain to cPanel Account

I recently learned about a feature of WHM (the system used to manage a cPanel server) that has been quite useful. WHM has a tool that allows you to convert an Addon domain from an existing cPanel account into its own cPanel account. That basically saves you a manual migration of files, emails, and databases, which is very nice. I had another use case for this yesterday, and below are some quick notes that may (or may not) prove useful.

If you enter “addon domain” in the search bar you will find the “Convert  Addon Domain to Account.”  This slick tool allows you to convert the domain to its own account.  That said, you will need to select all the appropriate databases associated with the account in the wizard, given that is not automatic.

Once this is done, you will need to go back into WHMCS (the client management tool for WHM), and update the server info as well as making sure the username for the cPanel account matches the username of the of the product in WHMCS.  You should also be sure to sync the passwords. 

This is a welcome feature I’ve already used numerous times since learning about it a couple of months ago. And while this is admittedly a marginal need-case for those few lucky enough to manage a cPanel server, I figured this may prove as useful to someone as it was for me.

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