OER19 Therapy

You can also watch it on Podbeam here, I will switch to the Youtube link when it is uploaded there given their embed feature is cleaner.

As I mentioned in my last post, Lauren Brumfield, Meredith Fierro, and I sat down to reflect on the OER19 experience in Galway last week while things were still relatively fresh. We did this for the 14th episode of Reclaim Today, which we are trying to resuscitate, and given everything we’re doing with Reclaim Video, Reclaim Arcade, and Domains19 (not to mention Reclaim Hosting!) we certainly have the raw material these days. This video took some inspiration from Martin Hawksey’s video work at OER19, and Tim busted out the Open Broadcaster Software, which enabled us to include the intro, and we may even explore additional camera shots in the future. 

As an exercise to get us ready for the conversation, each of us blogged our thoughts to act as notes for the discussion, and you can read Meredith’s here, Lauren’s double-blog-dose here and here, and mine here for reference.  I won’t babble on too much in this post given the video has me doing more than enough of that, but I will say that OER19 was definitely occasion for all of us to not only connect in person with a community we care for, but it helped us reflect on our holistic growth as a team which enables us to put names and faces to ideas and futures for the field. In this regard the conference was amazing for both professional and personal development, and I think that is what came through most for me during this discussion, and that makes me very happy. #Reclaim4life!

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