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I’ll be blogging A LOT about OERxDomains21 over the next couple of weeks, and there’s no better way to start than with the now entirely open and freely available archive of all the presentations that lives at https://oerxdomains21.org. In fact, the website was instantly an archive, and I find that one of the coolest elements of how the site was designed. So, the TV Guide-inspired website for this conference was created to make scanning the three tracks easier; provide a bit of nostalgic TV fun; as well as provide the possibility click through, read more, and hopefully watch the session. The pre-recorded sessions for the Domains21 track were all uploaded to YouTube well before-hand and unlisted,* whereas the live sessions streamed from Streamyard to YouTube so there was immediately an archive as soon as the stream finished. This means that all the links in the schedule are actually now links to the videos on YouTube, so the program doubles as an instant archive.

Click on the image above to test out the instant archive of OERxDomains21

There are so many things I love about the website, but the instant archive is by-far the most practical and labor-saving. The prospect of having to do a major upload of presentations and then adding metadata would have definitely killed my intense OERxDomains21 weekend buzz.

So, here’s to hoping any and all of you out there take the archive as an opportunity to catch up on anything you’ve missed, and even better blog about those bits that inspired you. They may be “open educational resources” now, but that don’t mean a thing if they ain’t got that blog conversational swing!


*Keep in mind we do not plan on suing members of our community who may have discovered and viewed these videos beforehand, we understand quite well this is the way unlisted Youtube videos work on the web.

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