OpenVA 2.1: My Last Hurrah

On Saturday, May 2nd the College of William and Mary will hosting a 3-hour workshop on Open Educational Resources (OER). The event will consist of a keynote by none other than Gardner Campbell, that ne’er do well from VCU. And two focused panels that will be engaged in a lively discussion around the OER landscape and what constitutes OER. Is it all licenses and textbooks? I’m thrilled one of my favorite open educators, Sue Fernsebner, will be representing UMW. You can read more about the details of this event on the OpenVA website here.

The event is limited to 50 folks, and it’s but full—not to mention free! So if you are interested smash the registration link now! Major kudos to Jamison Miller for putting this together in no time. It will go a long way towards keeping the spirit of OpenVA alive, and pave the way for the next iteration of the OpenVA committee which will be officially formed at the end of May. Ironically enough, I won’t be around for that party. UMW’s Provost wanted Jeff McClurken to be on that committee, and who am I to argue with the bosses?

It’s been an excellent opportunity to work alongside some great folks, understand how SCHEV operates, and realize there’s still so much talent and enthusiasm around Virginia yet to be tapped. That said, three years is more than enough time on any committee, and it’s high time some new blood take what we started in some bold new directions.

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