Reason #7,000,001 to use WPMu on campus

With over 7 million users on, chances are that a number of faculty and students are bound to be familiar with the application at your campus. Case in point, a faculty member new to blogging at UMW just came in for a consultation, and while she was new to UMW Blogs and hasn’t used blogs for her classes before, she does blog on her own and is using—that’s right, you guessed it!—WordPress. So, my job was easy, all I had to do is explain and show her the plugins we use to make syndication hum, pointing out some advantages of using these re-publishing tools for tracking her students’ work all from one course blog. Man, the dividends are really starting to pay off with this stuff, and it truly does change the support model.

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  1. Brad says:

    I just had a long discussion with the honchos here at Career Services about the awful layout of UMW’s main platform through Contribute, & showed them all the blog work that kids & faculty have been doing here. They had no idea. We may have an administrative office making the leap soon, if I can convince them! Making it a priority to create a mock-blog for them just to prove all the perks WordPress has to offer. Oh the life of a UMWBlogs lackey!

  2. Reverend says:

    Remember my son, you are laboring for the greater good, your reward awaits you in heaven. Bring them to the light, show them the power of the new web. Lay hands on them, Brad, lay hands! Exorcise the demons of contribute and fill them with the spirit of WordPress 🙂

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