Reclaim Today: Dialing in Reclaim’s TV Studio

022: More Reclaim Studio Improvements

This is another episode of Reclaim Today focused on our playing around in the Reclaim TV Studio. In this episode Tim does a pretty impressive show and tell of the work he has been doing with Elgato’s Stream Deck for making a seamless streaming broadcast, as well as demoing how he made a Raspberry Pi4 into a streaming bridge based on Aaron Parecki’s YouTube video that demonstrates this brilliantly. In short, this allows me to stream directly to that Raspberry PI which is yet another input for the streaming setup, super cool! What’s more, Tim also figured out a way to get shortcut keys working in Streamyard (which are not endemic) using the Hotkey listener Vicreo in tandem with the Chrome extension Tampermonkey.

Two Jim Grooms? One was more than enough?

It was a fun episode chock-full of cool stuff, and what’s awesome is that Reclaim Today is starting to find its groove. I’m finding the episodes are tighter and more focused on our experimentation. What’s more, they are proving a whole lotta fun! It helps that we have a dedicated TV studio now—which was an investment—but it is quickly proving quite useful, not to mention really fun to play with. As I was telling Tim after this episode, I get most excited when I wake up these days thinking about broadcasting to the radio or figuring out another angle of the streaming video puzzle than just about anything else. I have a talk coming up in a couple of weeks that I want to try an apply some of what we are playing with in order to see if we can make the virtual presentation experience more fun, engaging, and interactive using a few of these tools, I guess we’ll see if all this fun has a real purpose or not 🙂

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5 Responses to Reclaim Today: Dialing in Reclaim’s TV Studio

  1. Andrew Rush says:

    The best part of the DTLT era was the wild experimentation. So glad to share in the fun!

  2. Eric Likness says:

    Another great episode. Man, I’m so happy you and Tim both got that Raspberry Pi 4 stream bridge working. Kudos to Aaron Parecki as you say, he’s a great instructional video author and genius for hacking the Pi 4 to get the bridge DONE and working for his studio rig. And it’s cool to see the evolution Tim’s going through stepwise from StreamYard to OBS. Lord knows there’s tons of tools out there, but you have to use them and try them out before you can land on the ones that work predictably and consistently. Looking forward to any future episodes are live streams as Reclaim Today continues to evolve.

    • Reverend says:


      Thanks for that tip, it was super fun. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 on the way here in Italy, so I’ll be trying my own version of this too. I also just got the Stream Deck delivered yesterday, so I hope to be incorporating some of this into an online presentation in about two weeks time. As you said in another comment on the last Reclaim Today episode, experimenting wildly is where all the fun is at 🙂

      • Eric Likness says:

        So it looks like there’s a great example of using the ATEM Streaming Bridge for this “live” ATEM Mini->ATEM Mini live streaming. Aaron Parecki and Photo Joseph got their two ATEM Mini Pro’s connected up. Photo Joseph received a stream from Aaron Parecki’s Mini Pro on his Streaming Bridge, took that signal out of the bridge as HDMI, and keyed it into his personal camera feed. They used Zoom as the back channel, to hold a conversation and let the Stream do what it needed to do. So it appears in sync to the viewers (less than 1 sec latency as shown using phone clock apps on both ends of the stream). Share this with TimmmmyBoy if you get the chance:

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