Reclaiming Europe with Kraftwerk Server

Concert in Zürich, 1976. The photo comes from the collection of Kraftwerk photos made by Ueli Frey.

Last week our newest server went live in Frankfurt, Germany. This is our first shared hosting server in Europe, and we were able to do it thanks to the fact that Digital Ocean has block storage available in their Frankfurt datacenter. We named the server after Germany’s electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. And if you are new to this band, the song “Computer Love” off their 1981 album Computer World could double as the soundtrack to the story of how computers have re-defined our society over the last 3 decades since its release. 

The Kraftwerk server was spun up on the heels of the Devo server  last month given how quickly the spudboy server was filling up. What’s more, we have been pushing to move our older shared hosting infrastructure to Digital Ocean, which means we needed to spread the now retired Hotrods server across both Devo and Kraftwerk. The Hotrods migration was finished up last week, and Kraftwerk is fully operational with over 300 accounts. 

We figured this might also be a good time to offer anyone living in Europe (or elsewhere outside the U.S.) the option to be transferred to this server. If this is something that interests you just fill out the migration form and be sure to specify you want to move your existing account on Reclaim to the Kraftwerk server.

And for more Kraftwerk goodness, check on this BBC interview with the robots themselves:

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3 Responses to Reclaiming Europe with Kraftwerk Server

  1. Ben says:

    I remember asking about hosting location several years ago. It’s smart. To be clear, new registration hosting isn’t happening on AWS? When we saw Kraft we’d thought we’re in for Mac n Cheese. Thx again for pushing the newbies thru the lunch line

  2. Jim Groom says:


    Our shared hosting is on Reliable Site and Digital Ocean, and we are trying to move as much of our infrastructure to DO as possible. We having no shared hosting servers on AWS. We have three main data center locations now, NY, SF, andFrankfurt. Unfortunately we can;t give folks the option to choose at sign-up just yet, but we may work on that after we make it through the Spring.

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