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If you haven’t tried out the Simple Tags plugin yet, I promise you it will never be too soon. This plugin is extremely powerful, and strikes me more as a full blown application within WP than a simple extension of WordPress. I haven’t even begun to play with all the features it offers, but here are a number I have noticed already:
Image of Simple Tags Management

  • Customizable Tag Cloud within pages, posts, and the sidebar
  • Customized list of related posts based on tags
  • Customized list of related tags
  • Auto link feature for tags which will search posts and automatically “discover” tags
  • Suggested tags based on both external and internal database comparison
  • Display tags in RSS feeds
  • Embedded tags
  • Meta tags in header for search engines optimization

This plugin makes about three or four others I use redundant, and more than that it works just as well in WPMu, and has a nice interface for management complete with widgets and the whole nine yards. I hope Simple Tags marks the the future of WP plugins, for this is a very powerful tool that brings the functionality, ease, and possibilities of tagging within WordPress to the next level. A must have in my opinion.

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15 Responses to Simple Tags Plugin for WordPress

  1. Hello, Mr. Groom,

    I must say, you WordPress fanboys are just so cute when you get excited about functionality us Drupal zealots have been taking for granted for years.

    Cute, cute, cute!

    Okay — I’ll stop being a dick now 🙂



  2. Reverend says:


    But all that beautiful functionality is trapped in the ugly hellfire that is Drupal themes. I truly feel for the unwary internet wanderer that has to suffer through another site with Blue Marine, ahhhhhhhhh, it’s a terrible assault on everything that is good and aesthetically pleasing about the internet. In fact, to quote “Tom Woodward,” it is like punching your visitors in the face repeatedly, but beyond that I really, really like Drupal -I mean it … seriously.

    It is good to know we are back on familiar ground, with you being a dick and all 🙂

  3. Hello, Mr. Groom,

    Ahhh. It feels comfortable to be back on familiar ground. Almost like home.

    RE the esteemed Mr. Woodward, and punching visitors in the face with BlueMarine — the visual experience that is Bluemarine feels, to me, like getting hit a little lower 🙂



  4. Reverend says:


    You are nuts, no pun intended!


  5. Alan Levine says:

    Looking for a plugin that allows users to tag, seen that? (and yes ugly drupal has it).

  6. Michelle says:

    I am wondering if this plug-in allows for users to show a “related posts” list after each post…

    We are desperately seeking a plug-in for WPMU that will allow users to utilize a related posts feature without having to add anything to the code in the templates. Does anyone know if this plug-in will work for that, or is there any other WMPU plug-in capable of this? Finding one would be great! The only thing we’ve found so far is the wasabi one which needs a hack to work…

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. Reverend says:


    I like that idea for a plugin, I just haven’t seen it yet. The closest thing I have seen is Inline Tag Thing, but it seems to only let admin, authors, and editors add tags to posts inline.


    This one does exactly that with no code. It is a pretty comprehensive solution for tagging, and it works well with WPMu. So, I think you have a solution.

  8. yoichi says:


    I was wondering if you have implemented the related tags function because I haven’t been able to get it working.


  9. Johan says:

    Hi Jim I am glad I have RSS and twitter to check what you’re doing 😉 Thanks for sharing these ideas and this plugin. Will get it know. Johan

  10. Reverend says:


    Related tags is working for me. Are you getting an error message?


    Always glad to be of service 🙂

  11. yoichi says:

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I just can’t figure out how and where to place the code.
    Where have you put yours?

  12. Reverend says:

    Depending on your theme, I would put it after the content div and before the comments div. The code may be tricky because it should be st_the_tags() instead of st_related_tags()

    The documentation about related tags can be found here, and you can see at the bottom of the page someone pointed out this mistake, let me know if this works.

  13. yoichi says:

    Ahhh…I’ve been there so many times but never noticed that comment.

    Thanks to your advise now I don’t get an error but I still can’t get what I want 🙁
    I’m trying to put the code in the tag archive so readers can distill articles with tags but I’m not seeing the + mark and the tags are not appearing as list.
    This is the code I’m using:
    <?php st_the_tags('number=5&format=list&order=count-desc&method=AND&xformat=%tag_count% + %tag_name%'); ?>

    Thanks for your help.

  14. Reverend says:

    Hey Yoichi,

    I think I found the problem, you had a ` instead of a ‘ at the end of your code. This should work:

    <?php st_the_tags('number=5&format=list&order=count-desc&method=AND&xformat=%tag_count% + %tag_name%'); ?>
    You can see an example in this post about the related posts feature. The only problem with this, however is that the tags don’t lead to a lis of other posts with those tags, they just list the tags and how many times they appear on other post, I’ll have to see if there is another way to form this statement so that is gives the feature more possibilities. Unfortunately I know no PHP and simply hack around, so this endeavor could take a while 🙂

    I realize now I am having the same, useless results as you. The related tags feature seems to be less than useful. Looks like I am going to have to look around to see if anyone is getting the functionality you suggest, because I think that would make this plugin far more powerful if it could be used in a delicious-like manner. Looks like we are going to have to research this together:)

  15. yoichi says:


    Well, I guess I’m still stuck then. It used to work when it was Simple Tagging for wp2.2.

    Thank you very much for taking the time for this.


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