Summer of Love: Luke Waltzer

I love Luke Waltzer’s new blog Bloviate. More specifically, I love that Luke Waltzer is finally blogging at a steady clip in his own space. Luke and I came up as instructional technologists at CUNY (long before Boone even knew what a blog was) and in many ways we haven’t stopped working together since. He and Mikhail Gershovich (another cat I wish would start blogging, though his film class makes up for that to some degree) brought blogging to Baruch in a major way, and despite Luke’s healthy skepticism of the whole enterprise, he’s consistently done some of the best work in the field over the last three years.  What’s more, his blog is the best kind of peripatetic writing, ranging anywhere from sports to satire to music to more deeply personal questions about education and his own kids. And when he does blog about edtech, his thoughts are “pitch perfect” to quote Boone—that damn Boone! In short, it’s just good stuff, but to be clear I made him, and he will forever be chasing the bava—not the other way around.

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13 Responses to Summer of Love: Luke Waltzer

  1. Boone Gorges says:

    I have lots of things to say about *your* pitch, but “perfect” isn’t among them.

  2. Zach Davis says:

    I made all of you. Admit it.

  3. Mikhail Gershovich says:

    Oh my God. So much bava love. I might need to start blogging.

    Zach, ask your accountant. We made you.

  4. Luke says:

    F Summer of Love. Why not Summer of Luke? Your best blogging is about me.

    (And thanks for the love, Jim. Because we were in seminary together, I call you Jim or Jimmy; “Rev” makes me nauseous).

    (And, funny. I knew an odd dude named Zach Davis in grad school. Looked a lot like Josh Heytvelt, but without the guns. Wonder what happened to him).

  5. Reverend says:

    Everything about me is perfect.

    You are still on the internet?

    Please do, and nice smackdown of Zach. Love that. You can do that all day long in your own blog.

    Don’t push it with Summer of Luke, but, once again, nice smackdown of Zach. Fix that image, I am dying to see it.

  6. Luke says:

    Link doesn’t work? Again:

  7. @Jim
    Can one BE a thing and be on it at the same time? I am the internet. Dumb question.

    Good point. Jim, you should be more like Mikhail — the kind of client that pays me in money instead of heartache and support tickets.

    On second thought, I take no credit for you, given that you don’t know how to link to an image in a comment. Fail.

  8. Reverend says:

    @Just call me daddy,
    Once again I bow down to you—you did, indeed, make me!

  9. Jim Doran says:

    Here’s a poem about the summer of love:

    The Bava is soft
    Like a banana sitting
    In the summer sun


  10. Reverend says:


    I love in when you write poems about bava’s banana. We are really taking this relationship to the next level. I can see you are gonna play a huge part in my Summer of Love.

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