Summer of Love: Sunglasses

Image of bava sunglasses
It’s been almost twenty years since I last owned a pair of prescription glasses, and that pair was my only pair before the kickass aviators I purchased today. Fact is, glasses always seemed like a luxury to me, despite the fact I’ve been wearing them most of my life. I always bought cheap, old school frames that lasted anywhere between 2 and 13 years (13 being my record with these bad boys—now almost edtech iconic).

All my images usually lead back to Tom Woodward

My most recent pair where caught between my show and a hard place when I stepped on them yesterday and broke them in half. It’s odd, but the last time I broke a pair of glasses (the one’s featured in the first EdTech Survivalist video —which is still one of my favorite things I’ve done on the bava) was right before I went to Montauk two years ago.

Some strange parallels that reinforce my fears that the singularity is closer than we think.

So, anyway, when I broke this pair I was pretty much forced to get another pair, having no workable backup. And what I didn’t realize for the last 5 years is that my health insurance covers most of my glasses expense. So went I went and picked out a new pair, and was getting ready to be fleeced before my trip, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the lion’s share of the cost was being paid by my state rune health insurance—bully for the public sector! But this, as with all things, led me to dreaming a little bigger. I got my new glasses (which I like a lot), but my eyes kept going back to the gossamer gold Ray-Ban Aviators gleaming at me from the shelf. I was drawn to them, in fact, my attraction all started about a year ago when I had the opportunity to wear Meghan Woodward’s Aviators (cause she so graciously lent them to me in the name of art!) while Tom and I made Shaved (yet another favorite video project).

Fact is, I never got over those sunglasses, and this after image that Tom took sealed the deal for me.
Image of the bava in aviators circa 2009
I wanted Aviators, but I knew that was a luxury I would never really be able to afford, I mean who gets prescription glasses and sunglasses at the same time? Well, I can now say I do. So not only did my insurance cover most of my first pair, but I got 40% off the second pair—once again, bully for state worker insurance—so I could actually indulge, and I did. But something weird happened, once I put on the prescription Aviators, I haven’t been able to take them off, I am actually wearing them right now at 1:00 am while writing this blog post. Frankly, I do think I will wear anything else ever again. The way I feel right now, it is all Aviators all the time: at work, home, conferences, presentations, winter time, night time, morning coffee, whatever the occasion—I’m Jimmy Sunglasses now. And this is a revelation to me, because I never knew how much I loved sunglasses until this Summer, which is strangely enough the bava Summer of Love. What[‘s more, it is interesting how much glasses and sunglasses have played into the bava art over the years—is it an emergent theme? This idea of bava providing the world with a corrected vision of itself? I’m feeling the birth of a whole new aesthetic, the vision of myself as both an edtech survivalist and unheralded North American conceptual artist are beginning to fuse—the next stage of bava is emerging before my very eyes, and as you can see below, it has had a deep impact on my home life.

Image of bavabrood in sunglasses

I really don’t know what the next stage of bavalution will bring, but with my new shades, I’m certain I won’t be blinded by the light.

Image credit: Besides self an family portraits, all my images usually come from Tom Woodward’s artistic brilliance with a camera and photoshop.

Bionichteaching’s “EDUPUNK2”

Bionicteaching’s “Rebirth of slick”

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8 Responses to Summer of Love: Sunglasses

  1. JasonP says:

    Prescription glasses are a scam. Buy them from Hong Kong. I got my aviators for $8. Aviators rule. Don’t let *the state* give you your vision.

  2. Reverend says:

    So now you tell me! Where were you at 10 am this morning? Some blog friend you are.

  3. Alan Levine says:

    I always liked the geeky boy old school plain glasses, but have to admit, the aviator shades is a step up.

    Wow, since your plan is so golden, can you get me a pair? I too had an episode with my one recent pair of prescription glasses, the frames just snapped and fell apart in Las Vegas, and could not be repaired. I had to complete the trip with an Old Pair of Dorky Glasses.

    Keep the shades up, man.

  4. Reverend says:

    I can do this every year apparently, so when you stop by Fredericskburg on your next world tour, you and I will go shades shopping on the state of Virginia 🙂

    And sorry to hear about the glasses disintegrating in Las Vegas, there is no feeling more helpless than being without vision—and I take it for granted all too much. As for Dorky, you know I love Dorky, dying to see those glasses–flickr anyone?

  5. peter naegele says:

    Very Lebowski! The Bava abides.
    A little bit Daft Punk as well…

  6. Boone Gorges says:

    I got a job waiting for my graduation. Fifty thou a year’ll buy a lot of beer.

  7. AJ williams says:

    I need your state insurance. I just dropped a chunk of changer on new glasses and sunglasses. Love the aviators but I am a Ray Ban Ray Charles-look kinda gal myself.

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