Take off, Hoser!

Yesterday I was doing some work around the house when I heard the voices of Bob and Doug McKenzie coming from the den. I was wondering if Tess stumbled upon a random video of theirs. Turns out the characters were the talking Moose Rutt and Tuke from the 2003 Disney film Brother Bear. They’re shameless ripoffs of the McKenzie Brothers, but it made me want to put on the brilliant 1981 Great White North album, one of my earliest introductions to Canadian culture.

The irony being the McKenzie Brothers skit on SCTV was an tongue and cheek response to the Canadian content legislation which pushed the show to dedicate at least two minutes to something uniquely Canadian. Rick Moranis explains the genesis brilliantly as part of the following interview for Nickolodean—kudos to Moranis for putting up with the interviewer and making it actually interesting.

And after that, I found myself deep down inside the rabbit hole of SCTV skits. This awesome Taxi Driver mashup starring Woody Allen is very ds106 🙂

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  1. Well, it was a funny thing that you were in a rabbit hole! But maybe you saw Alice there? She would be a True Friend of mine if she weren’t just in a book instead of not real.

    But those people were funny. Plus, remember that 3-D House of Pancakes man. Would you like some more syrup?

  2. Last year I picked up a copy of Bob and Doug on vinyl. That stuff, like the Woody Allen spoof was so brilliant, either informing or co-informing the early SNL years. To me what they had really was sharp writing and a willingness to mock everything and anything.

    I also watched alot near this era of Not Necessarily The News, remember Rich Hall’s Sniglets? Niot sure why I remember some of their skits

    There was another one where he talked about “creep force”, the physical property that creeping your car closer to a traffic signal would make it turn green faster. And he did a brilliant one with no words where he saw that mat people step on at the market that opens doors, and he picks it up and puts it into play in places like a bank, where the vault opens.

    I like this stuff for the same reason I love the internet; its built for smart asses like me.

  3. Grant Potter says:

    If you ever come visit UNBC I’ll take you on a tour of Pacific West Brewing … formerly Old Fort Brewing … which served as the Strange Brew set for the ‘Elsinore Brewery’


    Why did the choose Prince George? Moranis says he’s never been here before but he added, “Old Fort was the only brewery that would have us.”

  4. Brian says:

    Someone needs to write a paper on the cross-tensions between Strange Brew and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

    And I’ll just throw this into the mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=WftTK02tizs#t=95

  5. Colin says:

    Beer hunter anyone? Grant, I’ll be looking for Elsinore in Kamloops.

  6. Grant Potter says:

    Colin: Yer on the next time I see you …


    “The punishment is not too bad, I think I can take it, eh.”

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