That Bastard Jim Groom

So one of UMW’s finest, Kate DeMazza, came by DTLT today and let me know that some genius has created a tumblr blog called That Bastard Jim Groom that is populated with images and saying thanks tot he handy, dandy Jim Groom meme generator. What can I say, I have arrived people!!! I will be signing autographs all Summer.

I wonder which one of the UMW internauts is behind this awesome 🙂 I have some ideas.

A few of my favorites…

Image of Jim groom


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4 Responses to That Bastard Jim Groom

  1. peter naegele says:
  2. peter naegele says:

    ok….too much code for the bava I guess!!!!!

  3. Reverend says:


    You got me, just fixed te link, making your jimgroom meme a that much more powerful 😉

  4. pete naegele says:

    It’s all good, Rev!!!

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