The Big Sockowski

I don’t know how many ways we can count the genius of Alan Levine on the web, but add this Storify to the mounting evidence. And how about recent ds106 all-star Terry Greene playing some insane Lebowski GIF tennis? I’m more than happy the #sockgate fervor has died down, it was unfounded from the start. That said, I would sacrifice a million socks for awesomeness like this!

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3 Responses to The Big Sockowski

  1. Well, it was a #funride but it might be a bit early for #sockgate to be over.

    Plus, remember that the @iamTalkyTina #ds106 #Sockgate Remedy is still taking claims on my web form.

  2. Plus, when you ask how many we can count the ways of Still True Friend Alan Levine @cogdog, the answer is 106 ways, silly!

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