The ds106 99: #4 Interstitial Spaces and the mapping of ds106

Zach Dowell (a.k.a Noise Professor) recently posted “The Spaces In Between or Anatomy of DS106” (as well as an updated version here) that frames the various technologies that frame the distributed architecture of ds106. I love the way he framed the various tools, and it is interesting how what I think we all knew has become apparent in the diagram—Twitter has truly become the glue for this online course/happening. It’s central to the open, online portion of the various elements of the course—and it has been a great way through hashtags to track various posts, quick feedback, and to contact people associated with the course. What’s more, it’s propensity towards chatter and banter has made it a great way to capture the interstitial spaces of ds106. Say what you will about Twitter, but after this experience I really can’t think of a better tool freely available that can bring everything together so instantly and truly make visible the various complexities of a networked-based class like ds106.


Image of ds106 technical infrastructure

Update: I cahnged this to the latest version fo the diagram Noiseprofessor blogged here.

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