The Uneducation of a Technologist Interview

In April I presented at the European Distance and Elearning Network conference (EDEN), along with the likes of Maarten da Laat, Audrey Watters, and Martin Weller. You can see many of these presentations on EDEN’s YouTube account. I wrote about the presentation in detail already on the bava, but Steve Wheeler recently posted the brief interview we did as a post-mortem of the talk in an attempt to explain what Brian Lamb and I might have been getting at with the idea of the “uneducation of a technologist.”

Major kudos to Steve Wheeler on the intense amount of work he put in during this conference. I have some idea of how hard it is to do pre-conference interviews, wrangle folks during the event, live blog sessions(!), conduct post-mortem video interviews, and more during an event like this. To his great credit, Steve not only made it happen, but he made it look easy. I have mad respect for his ability to not only make it all happen during the event, but also make sure it gets out there after the fact. It ain’t easy, but you wouldn’t know if you were watching Steve go.

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