This Valentine’s day I <3 ds106

I have a post coming which is gonna feature some of the intense, mad creative energy that has characterized ds106 thus far—note we are just starting week 6, not even half way through. But in the mean time, check out Sarah Kountz’s awesome superhero Valentine’s Day Cards, which I believe are a riffing off the great Timmmmyboy’s ds06 valentine post over the weekend. This incarnation of ds106 may be the greatest thing I will ever be associated with professionally, and what you see below is just one small example of why. If it’s fit to print on the bava, it has to be art!!! LIKE NOTHING ELSE I’VE EVER SEEN—SO BEAUTIFUL, SO PURE—THAT’S DS106 RIGHT NOW!!

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3 Responses to This Valentine’s day I <3 ds106

  1. anagahama says:

    These are so hilarious! Digging the old school comic art with the present fonts!

  2. Brandon Robenson says:

    Old school comics are ALWAYS the best

  3. Shane says:

    My only weakness is kryptonite……and your love

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